Norway Parliament

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Norway Parliament
  (Female suffrage 1907)

Also see Norway Ministers and Sametinget

The Storting was devided into Chambers the Lagting (Upper House) and Odelsting (Lower House) until 2009 when it became UniCámaral.

1950-54 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Magnhild Magelina
1954-56 and 1958-61 Secretary of the Storting
1961-65 Vice-President of the Lagting

1965-73 Vice-President of the Lagting Åse Wind Lionæs
1973-77 Vice-President of the Odelsting

1965 Vice-Secretary of the Odelsting Martha Johannessen
1965-69 Secretary of the Odelsting
1969-73 Secretary of the Lagting

1965-69 Vice-Secretary of the Odelsting Gunvor Eker

1969-73 Secretary of the Odelsting Astid Murberg Martinsen

1973-77 President of the Lagting Torild Skard

1973-77 Vice-President of the Lagting Magit Tøsdal
1977-81 President of the Lagting

1973-77 Secretary of the Storting Liv Andersen
1977-81 Vice-President of the Storting
1981-85 Vice-President of the Lagting

1973-77 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Liv Aasen
1985-89 1. Vice-President of the Lagting
Vice-President of the European Council 1973,75, 77, 79, 81

1977-81 Secretary of the Storting Anne-Lise Steinbach

1977-80 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Helen Bøsterud

1980-81 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Turid Varsi

1981-84 Vice-President of the Storting Annbjørg Sæthun
-Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Senterpartiet 1977-84.

1981-84 Vice-President of the Odelsting Ingerlise Hauy Skarstein

1984-90 President of the Odelsting Åshild Hauan
From 1993 Fylkesman/Governor of Norland.

1984-86 and 1989-90 2. Assistant Vice-President of the Storting Kirsti Kolle Grøndal
1990-93 1. Vice-President
1993-2001 President
Minister of Church Affairs and Education 1986-88, Minister of Development Aid 1988-89. In 1999 she was appointed Fylkesmann of Buskerud with absence-of-leave until she left the parliament after the elections in 2001. (b. 1943-).

1984-86 Secretary of the Odelsting Inger Lise Gjørv
1986-89 2. Assistant Vice-President of the Storting
1989-93 President of the Odelsting
Vice President of the European Council 1988-93,
Fylkesman/Governor of Nord Trøndelag since 1993. Her Norwegian title as Assistant Vice-President was Varapresident. (b. 1938).

1985-86 Vice-President of the Odelsting Elenore Bjarteveit

1985-93 Secretary of the Odelsting Berit Brørby Larsen
1993-97 Vice-Secretary of the Odelsting
2001-05 Vice-President of the Odelsting
President of the Odelsting

Secretary of the Parliamentary Group 1993-96 and 1997-2001, Deputy Parliamentary Leader 1996-97,
Vice-President of the Nordic Council 1994-97, President in 1997, it's Vice-President 1998-2006 and Deputy President in 2007.

1990-93 Vice-President of the Odelsting Tora Aasland Houg
In 1983-87 Deputy Party Leader, 1989-93 Vice-Leader of the group of SV, since 1993 Fylkesman of Rogaland, Minister of Research and Higher Education 2007.

1990-93 Secretary of the Storting Ingebrog Botnen

1990-93 Vice-Secretary of the Lagting Karin Lian

1993-2001 1. Vice-President of Odelstinget Eirin Synøve Faldet
2001-09 1. Assistant Vice-President of the Storting
Her Norwegian title is Varapresident of Stortinget.

1993-97 Secretary of the Storting Marie Brendsen

1993-2003 Vice-Secretary of the Lagting Anne Helen Rui

1993-97 Assistant Vice-Secretary of the Storting Signe A. Øye
1997-2009 Secretary of the Storting
In Norwegian the
Assistant Vice-Secretary is Varas

1997-2001 Vice-President of Odelstinget Jorunn Ringstad

1997-2001 1. Assistant Vice-President of the Lagting Elsa Skarbøvik
2005  2. Assistant Vice-President of the Lagting

1997-2001 2. Assistant Vice-President of the Lagting Siri Frost Sterri

1997-2001 Secretary of the Odelsting Anita Apelthun Sæle
Deputy leader of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 1993-96.

2001-05 President of the Odelsting Ågot Valle

2001-05 2. Assistant Vice-President of the Storting Kari Lise Holmberg
2005-09 Assistant Vice-Secretary of the Storting

2001-05 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Sonja Irene Sjøli

2001-05 Secretary of the Lagting Ingvild Vaggen Malvik

2001-02 Assistant Vice-Secretary of the Lagting Åslaug Haga
Political Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Development Aid 1989-90, Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs 1997-99 Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's Office 1999, Minister of Cultural Affairs 1999-2000, 2. Vice-Leader of the Center Party, 2001-03 2. Deputy Leader and Party Leader since 2003. (b. 1959-).

2001-05 Assistant Vice-Secretary of the Odelsting Ursula Evje

2003-05 Vice-Secretary of the Lagting Dagrun Eriksen
Vice-Chairperson of the Christian People's Party from 2004. (b. 1971-).

2005-13 Vice-Secretary of the Storting Karin S. Woldseth

2005-09 Assistant Vice-Secretary of the Odelsting Torny Pedersen

2005-09 Vice-Secretary of the Lagting Åse M. Schmidt

2009-13 3. Vice-President of the Storting Marit Nybakk
2013- 1. Vice-President
President of the Nordic Council in 2013.

2009- 5. Vice-President of the Storting Line Henriette Hjemdal

2012- Director of the Storting Ida Børresen

2013- 4. Vice-President of the Storting Ingjerd Schou

2013- Secretary of the Storting Jette F. Christensen


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