Northern Mariana Islands

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Commenwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
(Female suffrage 1962) In a political Union with USA since 1978 as an US dependency with autonomy

1998-2002 Secretary of Finance Lucy Dlg. Nielsen
(First name also written as Lucia)

1998-circa 2001 Acting Attorney General Maya Kara
Circa 2001-02 Governorís Legal Counsel Myra Kara

1998-circa 1999 Acting Secretary of Commerce Bernardita T. Palacios

1998-circa 2001 Special Assistant of the Governor for Women'sí Affairs Maryam Dlg. Tudeta

1998-2002 Special Assistant of the Governor for Programs and Legislative Reviews Gloria W. Hunter

1998-circa 2001 Special Assistant of the Governor for Management and Budget Virginia C. Villagomez
Circa 2001- CIP Administrator

1998-2002 and 2006-  Director of the Office of Personnel Management Mathilda A. Rosario

Circa 1999-circa 2001 Director of Human Resources Development Sheila S. Torres

1999-2002 Deputy Administrator of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission Lydia T. Cruz

1999-circa 2001 Acting Director of Commerce Isabel D.S.A. Aujan

1999-2002 Deputy Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Aurora F. Cabanero

Circa 2001-02 Special Assistant of the Governor for Women'sí Affairs Anna Teregeyo

Circa 2001-02 Lt. Governorís Legal Counsel Juliana C. Sandvold  

Until 2002 Commissioner of Marianas Public Land Trust Bertha C. Leon Guerrero
2002-05 Governors Special Assistant for Regional and Political Affairs

2002 Acting Director of the Historic Preservation Office Maggie Sablan

2002-03 Attorney General Ramona V. Manglona
She was Assistant Attorney General until her appointment to the Cabinet.

2002-05 Commissioner of Education Rita Hocog Inos

2002-06 Governor's Legal Counsel Pamela Brown

2002-05 Special Assistant for Policy and Research Sonya Artero

2002-06 Special Assistant for Women's Affairs Emerenciana Palican

2003-06 Attorney General Pamela Brown

2004-06 Special Asistant of Youth Affairs Florence Kirby

2005-06 Executive Officer of Military Liaison and Veteran Affairs Ruth Coleman

2006- Secretary of Community and Cultural Affairs Daisy Villagomez-Bier

2006- Chief of the Workers Investment Agency Edith Deleon Guerrero

2006- Director of the Carolinian Affairs Office Angie Mangarero

2006- Chief of the Public Defenderís Office Elisa Long

2006- Executive Director of the Council for Arts and Culture Cecilia T. Celes

2006 Assistant Attorney General Rebecca Miller Warfield
2006- Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety

(b. 1971-)


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