Norfolk Island Ministers

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Norfolk Island
(Female Suffrage 1914). Australian External Pacific Territory with  Self government 1979-2015, when the Australian government made it a part of the State of New South Wales. From 1896 it had been run by the Colony of New South Wales and the Federal Australian Government. Today Norfolk Island is a distinct and separate colony of the British Crown, supervised but not owned by Australia.

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1983-86 Minister of Community Services Eleanore B. Read
Member of the Legislative Assembly 1983-86.

1989-91 Deputy Premier and Deputy President of the Legislature Rosemary Gaye Ewans
Member of the Legislative Assembly 1986-91, and Deputy Clerk of the Assembly from 1995.

1989-92 Minister of Social Service and Health Alice Inez Buffett
First female member of the Legislative Assembly 1981-86 and 1989-92.

1994-97 Member of the Executive Council and Deputy President of the Legislative Assembly Monica Anderson
Member of the Legislative Assembly 1994-97.

1994-97 Minister of Health and Education Nadia Lozzi-Cuthbertson
Member of the Legislative Assembly 1994-97. There were no female members of the Assembly 1997-2000.

2004-10 Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Fishing Stephanie Vicky Jack

2013-15 Minister of Cultural Heritage and Community Services, including responsibility for Social Welfare, Health, Employment and Immigration Robin Adams
2016- Mayor of Norfolk Island
Speaker of the Legislative Assembly 2010-13.

2015-16 Chairperson of the Advisory Council Melissa Ward

2016- General Manager of the Norfolk Island Regional Council Lotta Jackson


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