New Zealand Parliament

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Parliament of New Zealand
(female suffrage 1893 - right to stand for election 1918)

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1957-59 Temporary Acting Speaker Dame Hilda Ross
As a senior MP from 1945 she from time to time presided ower the House. She was Minister without Portfolio and Minister for the Welfare of Women and Children 1949-57 and Minister of Social Security in 1957. She lived (1873-1959)

1985-92 Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives Carol Robyn Rankin
From 1992 she has been Senior Parliamentary Officer

1988-2002 Deputy Clerk of the House Alisia Short

1993-96 Deputy Chairperson of Committees Marilyn Joy McLauchlan
The title was changed to Assistant Speaker in 1993 when the chairman of Committees became Deputy Speaker

1996-98 Assistant Speaker Marie Hasler
Minister of Culture 1998-99

1999-2002 Assistant Speaker (Marjorie) Jill Pettis

2002-05 Deputy Speaker Ann Hartley

2005-08 Assistant Speaker

2005-08 Speaker
Margaret Wilson
President of Labour 1984-87 and Labour MP since 1999. Attorney General and Minister in charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations 1999-2005,Associate Minister of Justice 1999-2004, Minister of Labour 1999-2004, Associate Minister of State Services 1999-2002,
Minister responsible for the Law Commission 2001-2002, Minister for Courts 2002-2003, Associate Minister for Courts 2003-04, Minister of Commerce, Acting Minister for the Law Commission  and Minister for Building Issues in 2004. (b. 1947-).


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