Nauru Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Republic of Nauru/Naoero
(Female Suffrage 1966) 1888-1920 a German Colony, 1920 British Mandate-Territory under the League of Nations, from 1947 administered by Australia for the United Nations till its independence in 1968 as one of the World’s smallest nations with its 8 square miles and 8.000 inhabitants

Sometime betweeen 1951-68 Member of the Local Government Council Agnes Harris

1996 Minister of Finance Ruby Dediya Thoma
1996 Acting President (28.11)

Member of the legislature 1986-92 and 1995-97 and according to some reports, Minister of Finance 1986-89 and possibly Speaker of the Legislature sometime between 1987 and 1992. Appointed Acting President for a period of absence of the incumbent. Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee in the late 2000s. (b. 1949-)

1999-2003 Secretary for Foreign Affairs Angie Itsimaera
Unsuccessful candidate for the parliament in 2003.

1999-2000 Secretary for Internal Affairs Marlene Moses
Secretary for Health and Medical Services
2003-05 Acting Chief Secretary, and Public Service Commissioner and Secretary to the Cabinet.
Consul in Tokyo 1988-90,  Consul-General in Auckland, New Zealand 1991-95 and Assistant Director in the Department of Foreign Affairs 1995-1996. Also Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to United Nations 2003-05 and Permanent Representative from 2005.

2003 and 2006 Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs Kim Hubert
She is Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade and has been acting Secretary on various occations.

2013- Minister for Home Affairs, Education, Youth, and Land Management Charmaine Eraidinomo Scotty
Former Permanent Secretary successively in the ministries of Health, Home Affairs and Justice and independent MP as the country's second female parliamentarian from 2013.



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