Moldova Ministers

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Republic of Moldova/ Republicii Moldova/ Republika Moldovenesca
(Female Suffrage 1930). The Bessarabian area became part of Russia 1812, annexed to Romania 1919, a Soviet republic 1940-91 and Independence since 27.8.91 

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1955 Deputy Chairperson of the Council of Ministers Agrippina Nikitichna Krachun
1959-61 Minister of Education
Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet 1961-75. (b. 1911-)

1962-89/90 Minister of Social Affairs and Deputy Head of the Central Committee Department of Trade and Finance Olga V. Bykova

1964-(89) Minister of Light Industry Galina M. Ahitniuk

1969-71 First Deputy Minister of Local Industry Nellya P. Kinijah
1980 Deputy Premier Minister
In 1980-89 Secretary of the Supreme Soviet.

1990-94 Minister of Finance Klavdiya Melnik (Claudia Melinc)

1990-95 Vice-Minister of  Finance Lidia Guţu
1999-2001 Vice-Premier in charge of Social Problems
Between 1995-99 she worked in the private banking sector. (b. 1954-)

Circa 1992 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Yuzheniya (Eugenia) Mikhailova
1997-? Director General of the State Departmant for Statistics

1997-99 Vice-Minister of Finance Valentina Aposholov

1997-2001 Vice-Minister of Culture Valentina Ghemaz-Tazhlauana

1997-99 Vice-Minister of Education Valentina Badrajan
1999-2001 First Vice-Minister of Finance

1997-ca.99 Vice-Minister of Health Maria Tarus

1997-ca.99 Vice-Minister of Territorial Development, Public Utilities and Construction Svetlana Missticci

1997-2001 Vice-Minister of Telecommunication and Information Stela Scola
1998 Acting Minister of Transport and Telecommunication

Circa 1994-98 Vice-Minister of Privatization and State Property Administration Zinaida Grafchim

Circa 1994-98 Director General of Inter-Ethnic Relations Veronica Abramcivc

Circa 1998 Director General of National Relations and Language Functions Tatiana Stoianov

1999 Minister of Trade and Industry Alexandra Can

Circa 1999-2009 Vice-Minister of Economy and Reforms Valentina Posţrolachi
The minister of the Department was Alexandru Muranuchi

Circa 1999-2001 Vice-Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Jana Costache

Circa 1999-2001 Vice-Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Eulampie Donos

Circa 1999 Vice-Minister of Justice Elisei Secrieru

1999-2001 Minister of Justice Valeria Şterbeţ
Judge in the Supreme Court 1984-97 and 1997-99 its Vice-President (b. 1946-)

2000-02 Vice-Minister of Finance Mariana Durlesteanu
2002-06 1. Vice-Minister
2008-09 Minister of Finance

2000-02 Vice-Minister of Finance Zinaida Grecianîi
2001-02 1. Vice-Minister of Finance 
2002-05 Minister of Finance
2005-08 1. Vice Prime Minister
2008-09 Prime Minister
As Vice-Premier Zinaida Grecianii coordinated
the activity of executive institution in charge with economic-financial sector. In 2005 she gathered the highest number of votes at the elections for Mayor-General of Chisinau municipality, but the elections was invalidated because of low turnout. Following the parliamentary elections in March she was put forward on two rounds of voting for the post of President in May and June but got 60 votes, one short of the required majority, and the result was new elections. Later Deputy Leader of the newly formed Socialist Party and apparently became Parliamentary Leader in 2015.

Around 2001 Vice-Minister of Labour Anghelina Apostol

2001-09 Vice-Minister of Finance Elvira Lupan

2001-06 Vice-Minister of Justice Galina Chirinciuc

2001-06 First Vice-Minister of Ecology, Construction and Territorial Planning Svetlana Dogotaru

2001-06 Vice-Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Lidia Calancea

2002-06 Vice-Minister of Finance Feodosia Furculiţă

2002-06 Vice-Minister of Economy Elena Gorelova

2002-06 Vice-Minister of Education Lilia Pogolsa

2005-08 Minister of Justice Victoria Iftodi

Circa 2005-09 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Eugenia Kistruga

2006-09 Vice-Minister of Education and Sports Viorelia Moldovan-Batrinac

2007-09 Vice-Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Violeta Ivanov
2008-09 Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources
Parliamentary Leader of the Communist Group from 2014.

2008-09 Minister of Education and Youth Larisa Savga

2008-09 Minister of Health Larisa Catrinici

2008-09 Minister of  Social Protection, Family and Childen Galina Balmos

2009-15 Minister of  Labour, Social Protection and Family Valentina Buliga

2009-13 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Natalia Gherman
2013-16 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
2015 Acting Prime Minister

Ambassador to Austria, OSCE and other International Organisations in Vienna 2002-06 and to Sweden, Norway and Finland 2006-09. She is daughter of former President Mircea Snegur

2009-13 Vice-Minister of Education Tatiana Potang
2013-15 Deputy Prime Minister of Social Issues

2013- Minister of Education Maia Sandu
Presidential Candidate in 2016.

2009-16 Vice-Minister of Finance Maria Cărăuş

2009-13 Vice-Minister of Information Technology Mihaela Iacob

2009-13 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Protection Ana Vasilache

2009-15 Vice-Minister of Education Loretta Handrabura
2015-16 Minister of Youth and Sport

2013-16 Vice-Minister of Economy Lilia Palii

2013-16 Vice-Minister of Justice Sabina Cerbu

2013-16 Vice-Minister of Defence Ana Vasilachi

2013-16 Vice-Minister of Education Iliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei

2013- Vice-Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Ruxanda Glavan

2013-16 Vice-Minister of Health Svetlana Cotelea

2013-16 State Secretary of Finance Veronica Ursu

2015- Minister of Culture Monica Babuc

2015 Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family Ruxanda Glavan
2015- Minister of Health

2015- Member of the Government, Governor of Gagauzia Irina Vlah


2015 Nominee for Prime Minister Maia Sandu

She was nominated by the LDP, but the two other coalition parties did not want to accept her demands for the resignation of National Bank Governor Dorin Dragutanu accused of involvement in a high-profile case of embezzlement from the country’s banking system.


2015- Minister of Education Corina Fusu

2016 Designate Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Labor, Social Protection and Family Dona Școla
The designate government was rejected by the parliament.

2016 Designate Minister of Education Loreta Handrabura

2016 Designate Minister of Regional Development and Constructions Svetlana Dogotaru

2016 Designate Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco

2016- Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family Stela Grigoras

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