Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Autonomous Regional Government in Muslim Mindanao (Philippines)

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1888-1906 Regent Rajah Putri of Magindanao
Widow of Sultan Muhammad Jalaluddin Pablu bin Muhammad Makakwa
(1883-88) and succeded by Muhammad Mangigin bin Datu (1906-26)

Circa 1997-  Secretary of Education Bai Sandra A. Sema

Circa 1997-2001 Secretary of Trade and Industry Fatima Rasul

2001- Chairperson Commission on Higher Education Norma M. Sharief

2001- Seceretary of Social Welfare and Development Nadjema Moki-in S. Malna

2001- Secretary of Tourism Normala Alonto-Lucman
Sometime Vice-Governor of Province of Lanao del Sur, where her mother, Princess Tarhata Alonto-Lucman was governor from 1971.

2001- Executive Director of
Office for Southern Cultural Communities Victoria Kanakan


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