Maruritania Party Leaders

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Female Party Leaders of Mauritania/ République Islamique de Mauritania/Jumhuriyet Muritaniya al-Islamiyah (Female Suffrage 1946/61) 1958 an autonomous republic within the French Community, independent 1960

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Around 1999- Leader of the Union for Democracy and Progress Party Al Naha Bint Miknass
Also known as Al-Nahah Bint Miknas, she took over as party leader after the death of her father, the former Prime Minister Hamdi Ould Miknass. Her party got 3 seats in the 2006-elections



..... Leader of the Mauritanian al Amal Party Tahia Bint Habib


Until 2010 Président of the parti travailliste Monique Agnès Ohsan-Bellepeau
Junior Minister of Urban- and Rural Development 1995-2000 and Vice-President of the Republic from 2010.

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