Marshall Islands Ministers
The Republic of The Marshall Islands/Majol
(Female Suffrage 1947) In 1886 it became a German Protectorate, 1914 under Japanese Control under the League of Nations, 1947 part of the as part of the United States-administrated United Nations’ Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands, internal self-rule 1970, Independent 1990 in free association with USA

Also see Marshall Heads of State

1979-80s President of the Public Service Commission Marie Maddison
1980s Secretary of Social Service
1980s Secretary of Health
Circa 1992-94 Secretary of Education
2002 Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade
As Foreign Secretary she was Deputy to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

1992-97 Secretary of Internal and Outer Island Affairs Carmen Milne Bigler
She was the first female Member of the Congress of Micronesia around 1970

1993-94 Minister of Health Services and Environment Evelyn Konou
1994-97 Minister of Education

Around 1997 Secretary of Education Sister Dorothy Nook

2000-05 Secretary of the Social Security Administration Saane K. Aho

2001-05 Secretary of Finance Saeko Shoniber
She worked at the Ministry in a variety of capacities since 1987
and at the time of her appointment she was Deputy Secretary.

2001-02 Secretary of Education Biram  

2002-07 Secretary of Health Justina R. Langidrik
Former Assistant Secretary for Primary Health Care at the Ministry of Health

Circa 2002-circa 07 Clerk of the Cabinet in the President's Office Amentha Matthew 

2006-08 Secretary of Education Biram Stege

2006-07 Secretary of Foreign Affairs Viola Chong Gum

2008-12 Minister of Health and Environment Amenta Matthew
2016- Minister of Internal Affairs
Secretary of the Marshall Islands Political Commission 1977-1979, Assistant Clerk of Cabinet 1979-1981 and Clerk of Cabinet 1981-2002, the only female Senator 2007-12 as incumbent
Abacca Anjain-Maddison lost her seat in 2007 after 8 years in the legislature. (b. 1952-)

2012-16 Minister of Education Hilda Heine
2016- President
The only female Senator and the only person in the country to hold a PhD. She was Secretary of Education 1992-95 and 2002-04.

2012-16 Secretary of Internal Affairs Daisy Alik Momotaro
2016 Minister of of Internal Affairs
In 2013 there were 3 other female Secretaries.


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