Isle of Man Parliament

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Isle of Man
(Female suffrage 1881 for landowning women, 1913 limited female suffrage and in 1919 universal suffrage)
The Isle of Man was part of the Norwegian Kingdom of the Hebrides until 1266 when it was ceded to Scotland. Came under the British Crown in 1765 as a self-governing Crown Dependency. In 1990 a system with a Cabinet of Ministers was introduced. Before that the government was exercised trough the committees of the House of Keys

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The Parliament of the Isle of Man, The High Court of Tynwald, It has two Branches, the Legislative Council  and the House of Keys

2001-07 Clerk of the Legislative Council and Deputy Clerk of Tynwald Marilyn Cullen
She was appointed Committe Clerk in 2007. (b. 1947-) 

2004-06 Deputy Speaker of the House of Keys Hazel Hannan
Member of the Government in various capacities from 1986

2011-16 President of the Tynwald Clare Martin
Chairperson of various Government Committees and Minister from 1981 to 2000.



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