Maldive Islands Parliament

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The Republic of the Maldive Islands/ Dhivehi Raajjeygen Jumhuriya (Female Suffrage 1932)A sultanate under protection of the British Crown achieved internal Self-government 1948, it became a republic in 1952 and was independent in 1965

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1953-54 President of the Senate Fatima Ibrahim Didi
Member of the Senate of the First Republic 1953-54. She was offered the throne in 1953 but withdrew her candidature when opposed by the clerics headed by 'Abdu'llah Jalal ud-din. Born as Princess Fatima Tuttu Goma, she was daughter Princess Gulistan of the Maldives and her cousin Al-Amir Ibrahim Fa'amuladeri Kilegefa'anu, who later became Ekgamuge Ibrahim 'Ali Didi (d. 1975), Who was member of the Regency 1943-1953 and Prime Minister 1953-1957, and married to H.E. Ahmad Zaki (1931-96), who held many government and ambassadorial posts, including that of Prime Minister 1972-1975 and Permanent Representative at the UN 1979-1983 and 1993-1996. One of her two sons were Defence Minister. She lived (1918-2008).

2008-09 Deputy Speaker of the Majlis  Aneesa Ahmed
Undersecretary to the Executive Secretary of the President around 1982, Minister of Gender, Family Development and Social Security 2002-04, Minister of Health 2004-05 and Minister of the President's Office 2005-08 and also
Parliamentary Group Leader of the Dhivehi Raiyyithunge Party, DRP


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