Madagascar Parliament

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Parliament of the Republic of Madagascar/ Repoblikan 'i Madagasikare
(Female Suffrage 1946/59) A French Protectorate 1895 and a colony 1897, 1958 an autonomous republic within the French community, 1960 Independent, 1958-75 known as the Malasy Republic

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Until 2001 the legislature was uniCámaral and only consisted of L’Assamblée Nationale Malagache/Antenimierampirenena Malagasy. In 2001 the Senate was reinstated.

1998-2002 Vice-President of the Antenimierampirenena Hélène Razafiniarioro

2001-02 Vice-President of the Senate Gisèle Rabesahala
From 1977 to 91 Minister of Revolutionary Art and Culture, Circa 1988-91 Second in cabinet, circa 1960-90 Secretary General of the Communist Party, AKFM, from 1995 Co-leader of Congres de l’independence du Madagaskar. 1997-98  Non-permanent Councillor of the Premier. (b. 1929-)

2001-02 Vice-President of the Senate Noëline Jaotody
Minister of Population, Women’s Affairs and Children 1998-2001

2001-02 2. Questeur of the Senate Marie-Annick Inès Dahy

2003-07 Vice-President of the Antenimierampirenena Marie Zénaïde Lechat Ramampy
2006 Acting President (10.05.2006-15..05.2006)

2007-14 Vice-President of the Senate Jeanne Razafiangy Dina Fotomanantena

2007-14 Questeur of the Antenimierampirenena Raharimampionona

2014-15 President of the Antenimierampirenena Christine Razanamahasoa 
Former Minister of Justice and Cordinatrice of the MAPAR Parliamentary Group

2015- Vice-President of the Antenimierampirenena Faritany Antananarivo


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