Madagascar Ministers

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Republic of Madagascar/ Repoblikan 'i Madagasikare
(Female Suffrage 1946/59) A French Protectorate 1895 and a colony 1897, 1958 an autonomous republic within the French community, 1960 Independent, 1958-75 known as the Malasy Republic

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1977-91 Minister of Revolutionary Art and Culture Gisèle Rabesahala
Circa 1988-91 Second in cabinet
Secretary General of the Communist Party, AKFM circa 1960-90 and from 1995 Co-leader of Congres de l’independence du Madagaskar. 1997-98 Non-permanent Councillor of the Premier Minister and 2001-02 Vice-President of the Senate. (b. 1929-)

Until 1986(†) Member of the Politburo Olivira Andranasoto

1991-92 Minister of Population Affairs Felicienne Bernadette Barita

1993-95 Secretary of State for University Affairs Elénore Marguritte Nerine

1994-95 Minister of Population, Youth and Sports Thérèse Ravao

1995-97 Secretary of State in charge of Population

1995-96 Minister of Culture and Communication Mirelle Rakotomela

1995-96 Secretary of State in the Premier Minister’s Office in charge of Housing and the Fight Against Poverty Michele Ratsivalaka

1996-97 Minister of Tourism Evelytte Rasendratsirofo

1996-97 Secretary of State of Women’s Status and Children Juanita Dahimananjara

1997-98 Minister of Scientific Recearch Lila Hanita Ratsifandrihamanana
1998-2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ambassador to Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Cape Verde and Côte d’Ivoire 2002-06 and Permanent Observer of the African Union from 2006. Also known as Ramatoa Ratsifandrihamanana Lia. Married to Manantsoa Rakotonavanhy and mother of one daughter and two sons. (b. 1959-)

1997-98 Minister of Environment Collette Vaahio (Vaohita)

1997-2002 Minister of Health Rahantalalao Henriette Ratsimbazafimahefa (Rahantalalao)
(b. 1951-)

1997-98 Minister of Tourism Juliette Raharisora

1997-98 Minister of Youth and Sport Lina Andriamifidamanana

1998-2001 Minister of Population, Women’s Affairs and Children Noëline Jaotody
Vice-President of the Senate from 2001

1998-2002 Minister of Civil Service, Labour and Social Development Alice Razafinakanga née Rasoamananjarimalala
2002-04 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Alice Rajaonah (Second in the Cabinet)
Member of the administration of the the winner of the of the Presidential elections, but was first denied the victory by the incumbent Marc Ravalomanana, who proclaimed himself President and controlled the capital until international pressure brought along a recount, and he was declared the winner.

2002-04 Minister of Culture Odette Rahaingosoa
An MP 1993-2003 and from 2004 Chief of Region of Sofia. She is also known as Rahaingosoa Louise Odette Andriamaroseheno. (b. 1953-).
2002-03 Secretary of State by the Vice-Premier Minister of Finance of Budget charged with Decentralization and Development of the Autonomous Provinces 

2003-04 Minister in the Presidency charged with Decentralization, Development of the Autonomous Provinces and the Communes Monique Andreas Esoavelomandroso

2002 Secretary of State of Women’s Condition and Childhood Juliette Victorine Rahelivololona

2004-07 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Henriette Lala Ratsiarovala
Officially known as Mme Ratsiarovala Lala Henriette.

2007 Vice-Minister of National Education and Scientific Rechearch Cécile Manorohanta
2007-09 Minister of Defence
2009 Vice-Premier Minister
2009-11 Minister of Interior
2009 Acting Premier Minister (21.10-13.11)
2009 Acting Premier Minister (03.12-18.12)
2009 Premier Minister (18.12.-20.12)
2009 and 2009-11 Vice-Premier Minister
Her full name is Cécile Marie Ange Dominique Manorohanta. In early October it was agreed that Eugène Mangalaza was to be named prime minister of a unity government. On October 8 the agreement began to unravel when former president Marc Ravalomanana announced that he would not recognize President Andry Rajoelina. On October 10, Prime Minister Monja Roindefo refused to resign even though Mangalaza was formally appointed as the new prime minister on the same date. On October 15 the State Council suspended Mangalaza's appointment, but in its final ruling on October 22 it denied Roindefo's requests for an annulment. Meanwhile, due to Mangalaza being abroad she was appointed acting prime minister. On 13. November, Mangalaza was formally sworn in again. When he went abroad to negotiate a settlement with the other faction, she took over the government again, and when he was refused re-entry to the country and finally dismissed, she was appointed as his successor, only to be replaced afte 2 days.

2007-09 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Bakolalao Ramanandraibe Ranaivoharivony 

2007-09 Vice-Minister of  Health and Family Planning  Marie Perline Rahantanirina

2009-14 Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals Christine Razanamahasoa
President of the National Assembly 2014-15 and Coordinatrice of the MAPAR Parliamentary Group.

2009 Member of the High Authority of Transition Robertine Norovelomampianina Rabetafika

2009 Member of the High Authority of Transition Ariane Pelops Voninahitsy

2009 Member of the High Authority of Transition Constance Razafimily 2009-11 Minister of Tourism and Artisans Irène Andréas Victoire

2009-11 Minister of Social Affairs and Population Nadine Ramaroson

2009-10 Minister of Communication Natalie Rabe

2009-11 Secretary of State for Technical Education and Vocational Training Toto Raharimalala Marie Lydia

2010 Minister of Culture and Heritage Mialy Mireille Rakotomalala

2011 Minister of Foreign Affairs Yvette Sylla
President of the Madagasikara Mandroso party

2011 Minister of Culture Elisa Razafitombo Alibena

2011 Minister of Youth and Leisures Eléonore Raharisoa Johasy
2014-15 Minister of Population, Social Protection and Promotion of Women

2011 Minister of Trade Irène Eva Razafimandimby Rinarisoa

2011-14 Minister of Commerce Olga Ramalason

2011-14 Minister of Culture and Patrimonium Elia Ravelomanantsoa

2011-14 Minister of Decentralisation Ruffine Tsiranana

2011-14 Minister of Mines Tolotrandry Rajo Daniella Randriafeno

2011-14 Minister of Population Olga Vaomalala Ramaroson

2011-14 Minister of Promotion of Handicrats Elisa Alibena Razafitombo

2011-14 Minister of of Health Bénédicte Johanita Ndahimananjara
2014-16 Minister of Water
2016- Minister of Environment, Ecology and the Forests

2014-15 Minister of Foreign Affairs Arisoa Lala Razafitrimo
Former advisor of the President of the African Union and Director of Foreign Affairs 2013-14.

2014-16 Minister of Justice and Guardian of the Seals Noëline Ramanantenasoa

2014- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Marie Monique Rasoazananera

2014-15 Minister of Handicrafts, Culture and the Patrimony Vaonalaroy Randrianarisoa

2015- Minister of Foreign Affairs
Béatrice Atallah
Former President of the Electoral Commission

2015-16 Minister of Culture and Handicrafts Birgitte Rabemanantsoa Rasamoelina

2015- Minister of Population, Social Protection and Promotion of Women Onitiana Voahariniaina Realy

2016- Minister of Employment, Technical and Professional Education Marie Lydie Toto Raharimalala

2016- Secretary of State of Fish Resources and Fisheries, charged with the Sea Léonide Ylénia Randrianarisoa


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