Macedonia Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Republic of Macedonia/Respublika Makedonija (Female Suffrage 1946) Under Byzantine and Osman rule, the territory was divided between Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece in 1912/13. In 1944 it became a federal republic within Yugoslavia until it became independent in 1993

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1949-52 Minister of Agriculture Vera Dosta Aceva
1952-60-? Member of the Executive Council
lso known as Vera Aceva or Vera Aceva-Dosta, she was Partisan leader during World War II and Mayor of Skoplje circa 1947. She lived (1919-2006)

194?-5? Deputy Minister for Social Care Desanka Miljoska
(b. 1918-)

1950's Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade Mara Minaveva
Deputy Mayor of Skoplje 50s (b. 1922)

1960's Deputy Minister for Industry Fana Tozija
(b. 1923)

1960's Undersecretary for Health and Social Politics Kata Lahtova
President of Sobranye (Assembly) 1984-85. She lived (1924-95).

1960's Member of the Executive Council Veselinka Malinska
(b. 1917-)

1960's Secretary for Health and Social Politics Milka Vranesevic-Maleska
(b. 1921-)

1960's Secretary of Labour Vaska Duganova
President of Chamber for Social affairs and Health of the Assembly in the 1960's. (b. 1922-)

1960's Member of the Executive Council Mitra Saroska
(b. 1932-)

1960's Secretary for General Administration and Budget Blaga Popovska
1960's Undersecretary for Finance
(b. 1914-)

1960's Secretary for Education, Science and Culture Slavka Georgieva-Andrejevic
Circa 1970 Member of the Executive Council
(b. 1926-)

1970's Member of the Executive Council Kaja Fahri-Mehmed
(b. 1930-)

1986-90 Member of the Executive Council and President of the Committee for Science, Technology and Information Service
1998-99 Vice-President of the Government in charge of relations with the International Institutions Prof. Dr. Radmilla Kiprijanova- Radovanovic
In 1990-92 Deputy Federal Secretary for Development of Yugoslavia, 1994-98 Rector of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje.(b. 1940-)

1990-95 Minister without Portfolio by Premier Minister Gordana Sijanovska

1990-96 Minister of Development Sofija Todorova
1995-96 Minister of Science
1996-98 Minister of Education and Physical Culture
(b. 1947-)

1994-98 Assistant Minister of Science Dr. Milijana B. Danevska
1998-99 Minister of Development
1999-2001 Minister of Trade
(b. 1960-)

1995-96 Minister of Education and Physical Culture Emilija Simovska

1995-98 Undersecretary of Finance Stojanka Nadenovska

1995-98 Undersecretary of Health Violeta Malinska Petrushevska

1997-98 Minister without Portfolio Zlatka Popovska, Ph.D. 
1998 Vice-President of the Government, National Coordinator for Foreign Assistance, President of the Foreign System and Economic Development and President of the Committee for Financial Recovery and the Banking System
Professor and former pro-dean of the Economic Faculty of the University of Skopje and 1998 Presidential Candidate. (b. 1948-)

1998-1999 Vice-President of the Government Dosta Dimovska
1999-2001 Minister of the Interior
2001-02 Vice-President of the Government
Vice-President of VMRO-DPMNE. (b. 1954-)

1998-99 Minister of Science Meri Rusani

1998-2002 Deputy Minister of Development Liljana Popovska
Deputy President of the Assembly 2002-04 and in November 2003 Acting Assembly President.

1998-2002 Deputy Minister of Urban Planning and Construction Silvija Tomovska

2000-02 Minister of Culture Ganka Samilova-Cvetanova
Lecturer and musician. (b. 1968-)

Circa 2000-01 Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs Mirjana Lazarova-Trajkovska

2001 Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Marija Efremova

2001 and 2002-06 Foreign Minister Ilinka Mitreva
Social Democratic MP since 1994 and former Professor in Roman Philology. As one of the leaders of Social Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM), she was considered a posible condetender for the post of Prime Minister in November 2004, but desided not to run. (b. 1950-)

2001-02 State Secretary for Economy Violeta Madzova

2001-02 Deputy Minister of Urban Planning and Construction Silvija Tomovska 

2001-02 Assistant Minister of Culture Eleonora Petrova Mitevska 

2002-06 Vice-President of the Government and Minister without Portfolio for Euro-Atlantic Integration
2004 Acting President of the Government (12.05-02.06)
2004 Acting President of the Government
Radmila Skerinska (18.11-17.12)
Her surname is also transcribed as Shekerinska. She has been Vice-President of SDSM since 1999, former member of the Municipal Council of Skopje and former MP.
She acted as Head of Government in the period from the former Prime Minister Crvenkovski's Presidential inauguration until election of Kostov as new Prime minister. She already presided over government sessions and signed documents ever since Crvenkovski became candidate for President, as he 'renounced' his premiership during the campaign, but he never officially stepped down after becoming Presidential candidate. In November the new Prime Minister resigned and she again became acting chief of the government, but lost the party internal election for the post of Prime Minister and Party Leader, but was Leader 2006-08 until she resigned because of the party's election loss. (b. 1972-).

2002-04 Deputy Minister of Justice Meri Mladenovska-Gjorgjievska
2004-06 Minister of Justice
Former Judge, former Member of the Election Commission

2002-05 Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Tanja Altandzieva
2005-06 Deputy Minister of Justice
Member of the State Election Commission from 2006.

2006-08 Vice-president of the Government and Minister of European Integration Gabriela Konevska-Trajkovska

2006-15 Minister of Interior Gordana Jankulovska
MP for VMRO-DPMNE. (b. 1975-).

2006-08 Minister of Economy Vera Rafajlovska
MP for NSDP.

2006- State Secretary of Defence Liljana Sterijovska
The State Secretary is the third in the hiearchy of the Ministry.

2006-08 State Secretary of Culture Elizabeta Kancevska Milevska
2008- Minister of Culture

2011-13 Vice-Prime Minister charged with European Integration
Teuta Arifi
MP and Vice-President of the Democratic Union for Integration from 2002 and became Mayor of Tetovo in 2013. (b. 1969-)

2011- Vice-Minister of Justice Biljana Briskoska-Boskovski

2011- Vice-Minister of Economy Katerina Kosteska

2011-15 Vice-Minister of the Information Society and Administration Marta Arsovska-Tomovski
2015- Minister of the Information Society and Administration

2015 and 2016- Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Frosina Remenski

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