Macau Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Provincia de Macao/Aomen
(Female Suffrage 1976) A Portuguese Overseas' Territory 1858-1999, when it was reunited with China as a Special Administrative Region

Also see Macao Parliament

1985-86 Undersecretary of Administration Adelina Carvalho

1990-91 Undersecretary of Transport Maria do Carmo Romano

1991-97 Undersecretary of Social Affairs and Health Ana Maria Siqueira Basto Perez

1999-2014 Secretary for Administration and Justice Florinda da Rosa Silva Chan
She was also Deputy to the Chief Executive.

1999-2009 Commissioner for Audit Fatima Choi Mei Lei

2014- Secretary of Administration and Justice Sónia Chan Hoi Fan
Also Deputy to the Chief Executive.



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