Luxembourg Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Luxembourg
(Female suffrage 1918)

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Chambre des Députés/Abgeordnetenkammer

1979-89 Member of the Bureau Viviane Reding
Member of the European Parliament 1989-99, Vice-President of CSV 1995-99,
Commissioner for Education and Culture 1999-2004 and in 2004 Designated as Commissioner for the Information Society and Media. (b. 1951-).

1984-88 Member of the Bureau Astrid Lulling

Member of the European Parliament 1965-74 and since 1989, Mayor of Schifflange 1970-85,  Member of the Chamber of Deputies 1974-88,  Chairperson of the Psd parliamentary group in the Chamber of Deputies 1974-79, Quaestor of the European Parliament since 2004 and Vice-President of the Joint APC-EU Parliamentary Assembly from 2005. (b. 1929-).

1989-95 President Erna Hennicot-Schoepges
Minister of Education etc 1995-2004, President of the Christian Social Party 19995-2003, from 2004 Member of the European Parliament.

1989-95 Vice-President Lydie Err
1995-98 Member of the Bureau
2004 and 2009 Vice-President
In 1989-98 President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Vice-President of the Group of the Parti Socialiste, 1998-99 Secretary of state of Foreign Affairs.

1995-99 Member of the Bureau Renée Wagner

1998-99 Member of the Bureau Lydia Polfer
2009-13 Vice-President
2013- Member of the Bureau
Mayor of Luxembourg Ville 1982-99 and from 2013, MP 1979-85 and since 1989, President of the Parti Democratique 1994-2004, Member of the Bureau of Chamber des Deputées 1998-99, Vice-Premier Minister and Minister of External Affairs and External Trade, of Public Service and Administrative Reform 1999-2004 and Member of the European Parliament 2004-09. (b. 1952-).

2004 Member of the Bureau
Octavie Modert
Secretary of State 2004-09 and Minister from 2009.

2006-07 Member of the Bureau Colette Flesh
2007-09 Vice-President
MP 1969-74, 1974-80, 1984 -1989 and 2004-09, M
ember of the European Parliament 1969-80, 1984-85 and 1989-2004, Mayor of Ville de Luxembourg 1970-80 and Alderman 2000-07, Vice-Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Economy and Justice. 1980-84, Secretary General 1977-80 and Party President of Parti démocratique 1980-89, Director-General in the EU-Commission 1990-99. (b. 1937-).

2009 Member of the Bureau Nancy Arendt épouse Kemp

2009 Member of the Bureau Claudia Dall'Agnol

2009 Vice-President Anne Brasseur
2013- President-by-Age
2013 Interim President
Minister of National Education, Professional Training and Sports 1999-2004 and Party Vice-President and Group Vice-President since 2004.
As President-by-age in 2013, she was Interim President until the formation of a new government. President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 2014. (b. 1950-)

2009-13 Vice-President Lydie Mutsch
Socialist MP from 1989.
Minister of Health from 2013.

2013 Member of the Bureau Corinne Cahen

2013- Vice-President Simone Beissel
Member of the City Council of Luxembourg from 1991 and Alderman 2000-2005 and from 2009, Member of the Chambre des Députés 1999-2004 and from 2013, Vice-President of Parti Démocratique from 2004. (b. 1953-)



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