Lebanon Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Republic of Lebanon/ Al-Jumhouriya al-Lubnan/Republique de Liban (Female suffrage 1952/57)
An independent state 1920 administered under French Mandate until 1943

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2004-05 Minister of Industry Leila Solh
She is daughter of former Prime Minister Riad Solh and aunt of the billionaire Prince Walid Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia

2004-05 Minister of State of Health Wafaa Hamza
She is a Shiite close to the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri

2005-08 Minister of Social Affairs Nayla Moawad
Joint Leader of Qornet Shehwan Gathering since 2001. A Maronite christian she has been a MP since 1992 after her husband, President René Muawad, was assasssinated in 1989. In 2004 she intended to run as President, but the parliament changed the constitution and extended the term of the incumbent President without elections.

2008-09 Minister of Education Bahia Hariri
After her brother, the former Prime Minister
Rafik Hariri was assassinated, the Hariri family, her brother's  parliamentary bloc and Future Movement have unanimously pledged allegiance to her as a political successor to her brother. This role was soon taken over by her nephew and she ran as an independent candidate in 2005. She has been MP since 1992 and chaired various committees. Mother of four children.

2009 Designate Minister of Administrative Development Viera Yammin
Maronite Christian.

2009 Designate Minister N.N.
Her name is not known at the moment, but she is a Catholic woman as part of the share of the President.

2009-11 Minister of Finance Raya Haffar al-Hassan

2009 State Minister for Women and Children Mona Ofeish
Appointed by the President. Orthodox Christian

2014-16 Minister of Immigrants and Displaced Alice Chabtini
High Court Judge

2016- Minister of State of Administrative Development Inaya Ezzedine


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