Kuwait Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
State of Kuwait/ Dowlat al Kuwait/Kuwayt (Female suffrage was first granted in 1962
, but later retrieved. Female suffrage was reintroduced in 2005 for the 2006-elections (none of the female candidates were elected). In 2005 two women were appointed to the Municipal Council of Kuwait City) 1961 A British Protectorate since 1899 became an independent Emirate in 1961

1991- Undersecretary of Higher Education Sheika Rasha as-Sabakh
She was Vice-Rector of University of Kuwait 1985-91, She is daughter of Sheik Mahomoud Al-Jabir As-Sabakh

Circa 1997-? Undersecretary of Information Amal Al-Hamad
Later Head of Delegation of the Gulf Cooperation Council representation in Brussels.

1999-before 2007 Undersecretary of Planning Sara Al-Duweisan

1999-? Undersecretary of Petrol Siham Razoogi

2005-06 Minister of Planning and Administrative Development Massouma al-Mubarak
2006-07 Minister of Communiation
2007 Minister of Health
Professor of international relations at Kuwait University and women's rights activist and columnist. As Minister of Planing she was in charge of the social and economic development and foreign economic cooperation.

2007-09 Minister of Education Nouria al-Sbeih
Other versions of her name is
Nuriya al-Sebih or al-Subeih

State Minister for Housing and Administrative Development Mohdi al-Homoud
2009-11 Minister of Education
Also known as Mudhi al-Humoud or Moudhi al-Moumoud.

2011-13 Minister of Trade and Industry Amani Bouresli

14 Minister of Social Affairs and Labour Thekra Ayed Al-Rasheedi

2013-14 State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Rola Abdullah Dashti

2014- Minister of Labour Hind Barrak Al-Sabeeh
2014-16 Minister of Planning
2016- Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs

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