Kosova Ministers

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Female Ministers of Kosova/Republika e Kosovës/Republika Kosovo/Republic of Kosovo
It was an autonomous Republic within the Yugoslavian Federation 1974-89 under the name of
Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. 1989-98 increasing Serbian oppression, 1998-99 civil war, NATO-intervention and UN-administration – an UN Protectorate with wideranging self-rule. Independent on 17.02.2008

1950-60’s Secretary for Finance Katarina Patrnogic
Also sometime Vice President of the Assembly, and head of the Pro Albanian faction of the Communist Party. (b. 1921-)

1953-62 Member of the Executive Council Tankosava Simic
(b. 1920-)

1950's Member of the Executive Council Milica Pajkovic
She was Member of the Executive Council of Montenegro 195?-6? and in th 1960's President of the Chamber for Social Affairs and Health of the Montenegrin Assembly (b. 1921),

Circa 1970's President of Chamber of Education and Culture of the Assembly Drita Dobroshi
(b. 1928-),

1970's Member of the Executive Council Safeta Rugova
(b. 1924-)

1987-89 Chairman of the Provincial Executive Council (Premier) Kaqusha Jashari
1989 Chief Secretary of the Communist Party
Forced to resign after the first Kosovan riots about the Serbians in the republic. In 2000 she was member of the Kosovo Transitional Council (Legislative) and President of Social Democratic Party of Kosovo (PSDK) 1991-2008 and since then its Vice-President

1991-2000 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Provisoric Republic Edita Tahiri
1998-2000 Special Representative and Envoy of the President
Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Democratic League of President Ibrahim Rugova 1991-98. Also Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dormant Parliament. Negotiatior at various international peace conferences, from 2004 President of The Democratic Alternative of Kosova. (b. 1956)

1998-99 Serbian Provincial Secretary of Finance Verica Aleksic-Tepavcevic
She and Guljbehar were part of the Serbian dominated administration which took over parallel to the Yoguslav attempts to force the Albanians out of the Province.

1998-99 Serbian Provincial Secretary of Education, Culture and Science Guljbehar Sabovic

1999-2000 Provisorial Government Minister for Health and Social Protection Teuta Hadri
She was member of the provisorial government of Thaci.

1999-2001 Representative of the Serb National Council in the Interim Administrative Council Rada Trajkovic
Serbian Minister of Family and Child Care in 1998 and since 2001 head of the Serb Return coalition caucus in the Kosovo Assembly. (b. 1953-)

2000-02 Co-Head of the UNMIK Department of Justice Nekibe Kelmendi
Appointed by the
UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, UNMIK, she is Secretary General of the LDK-Party

2000-02 Co-Head of the UNMIK Department of Democratic Governance and Civil Society Support Vjosa Dobruna

2000-02 Co-Head of the UNMIK Department of Culture Edi Shukriu
Member of the Kosova Parliament 1992-98, President of LDK Women’s League 1995-2000, Member of the Assembly from 2002, in 2004 co-founder and Vice-President of The Democratic Alternative of Kosova. An archaologist by profession and teacher at Prishtina University.
2000-02 Co-Head of the UNMIK Department of Justice and Co-Head and Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Sylvie Pantz
She served for years as chief of investigations for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and has been a magistrate in France for 20 years

2000-02 Co-Head of the Department of Local Administration and UNMIKs Chief of Staff of Civil Administration Blanca Antonini

2000-02 Co-Head of the Department of Environment and UNMIK Municipal Administrator in Mitrovica Onelia Cardettini

2000-02 Co-Head of the UNMIK Department of Education and Science Steffi Schnoor
She has been Secretary of State for Education, Culture, Science, Youth and Sport in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

2002-04 Assistant to the Prime Minister Elvira Heta


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Economy and Finance Ardinana Beka


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Industry and Marketing Mikelina Rodiqi


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Culture and Sport Elizabeta Hoti


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Environment Ratmire


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Transport and Communication Lumnije Berisha


2002-08 Assistant Minister of Agriculture Lumtruije Voca


2004-08 Minister of Public Services Melihate Tërmkolli


2005-07 Serbian President of the Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija Sada Rašković-Ivić
The Center was the official government body for dealing with Kosovo, but had no real power to make decisions or instruments to conduct them. A member of Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica's party, she was Serbian Commissioner for Refugees 2001-05.

2008-11 Minister of Justice Nekibe Kelmendi

2008-11 Minister of Energy and Mining Justina Pula-Shiroka

2008- Deputy Minister of Health and Social Welfare Mybera Shala-Mustafa

2008- Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth, Sports and Nonresidential Issues Lirie Kajtazi

2009-10 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Vlora Çitaku
2010-11 Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs
2011-14 Minister of European Integration
MP from 2007. (b. 1980-).

2011-14 Deputy Prime Minister for Recognitions and Foreign Policy Edita Tahiri
2014- Minister without Portfolio
As Minister she is Head of the delegation the dialogue on practical issues with the Republic of Serbia.

2011-14 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry Mimoza Kusari Lila

2011-16 President Atifete Jahjaga
She was Deputy Chief of Police of Kosovo with rank of Major General at the time of her election. Married to Astrit Kuçi. (b. 1975-)

2014-Minister of Trade and Industry Hikmete Bajrami

2015 Acting Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo Simona-Mirela Miculescu
Romanian UN-Ambassador 2008-15.


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