North Korea Parliament

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Parliament of the D
emocratic People's Republic of North-Korea

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A number of Female members of the presidium of the People’s Assembly N.N.

1972-94/98 Member of the Presidum of the Supreme People's Assembly Kim Song-ae
The Second wife of King Il-Sung, she was Chair of the Women's Union 1967-98. She repordelty fought over the succession with her steo-son in the 1970s. (b. 1924-).

1998-2009 Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme People's Assembly Ryo Won Gu
Firste elected member of the SPA from 1946, Vice-Minister of Education 1981-1998 and among many other posts, she was First Deputy Director of the General Department for Overseas Korean Affairs around 1989 and President of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland. She lived (1928-2009)

Circa 1998-2013 Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme People's Assembly Hong Son Ok
2013- Secretary-General of the Presidium
Former ViceChairperson for the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries

Around 2004-circa 2008 Member of the Presidium of Supreme People's Assembly Pak Sun Hui
Chairperson of the Central Committee of the Korean Democratic Women's Union) until 2008.

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