Jordan Ministers

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Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan/ Al-Mamlaka al Urduniyal al-Hashemiyah/Urdunn (Female suffrage 1973 and 1982) After World War II the Emirate of Transjordania was established under British mandate, it became an Independent Kingdom 1945

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1952-53 Head of the Regency Council Queen Zein al-Sharaf
She was regent until her son, King Hussein, turned 18.

1980-82 Minister of Social Affairs Inamal al-Mufti

1984-85 Minister of Information Laila Abdul Hamid al-Shariff
Later Senator.

1993-95 Minister of Trade and Industry Rima Khalaf Hneidi
1995-98 Minister of Planning
1999-2000 Deputy Premier Minister and Minister of Planning
Resigned in 2000 because of disagreement with the Premier Minister about the economic policies. Later same year she became Assistant Secretary General of the UN and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States.

1995-96 Minister of Social Development Salwa al-Masri

2000-02 Minister of Social Development Taman al-Ghul

2002-03 Minister of Post and Telecommunication Dr. Roweida Maaytah 
2003 Minister of Social Development
2005 Minister of State for Government Performance
2011-12 Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Her first name is also transcribed as Ruwaida. She is former President of the Hashemiya University.

2003-05 Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Minister of Environment Dr. Alia Hattough-Bouran
Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, EU and NATO 2000-05 and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2003, 2004 and 2005 during the absence of the Minister.

2003-05 Minister of Municipal Affairs Amal Farhan
Professor of business administration at the University of Jordan.

2003-05 Government Spokesperson Asma Khader
2003-04 Minister without Portfolio
2004-05 Minister of Culture
Lawyer and human and women's rights activist.

2004-05 Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Nadia Helmi al-Saeed

2005-09 Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Suhair Al Ali
2010-11 Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs
Former Bank Manager.

2007-11 Minister of Social Development Halah Lattuf
Former Secretary General of the Planning Ministry and Director of the Office of Queen Rania in 2007.

2007-09 Minister of Culture Nancy Bakir
2009 Minister of Public Sector Reform
Former Deputy Director General for Social Affairs of the Arab Leauge. Her name is also transcribed as Nansy Bakeer.

2007-10 Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Maha Al Khateeb

2010-11 Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Suzanne Afaneh

2011  Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Haifa Abu Ghazaleh

2011 Minister of Social Development Salwa Dhamen

2011-12 Minister of Social Development Nesreen Barakat

2011-12 Minister of Political Development and Parliamentary Affairs Haya Qaralleh

2012 Minister of State for Women’s Affairs Nadia Hashem

2013-16 Minister of Social Development Reem Mamdouh Abu Hassan

2013-16 Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Maha Abdul Rahim Ali
(Maha Ali)

2013-16 Minister of Culture Lana Mamkegh

2013-16 Minister of Transport Lina Shabib

2013-16 Minister of Information And Communication Technology Majd Shweikeh

2016- Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Lina Annab

2016 Minister of Social Development Khawla Armouti

2016 Minister of Public Sector Development Yasera Ghosheh


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