Jamaica Heads

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Heads of State of Jamaica (Female suffrage 1919/44) Spanish Colony 1509-1655, British Colony from 1670 till it became independent 1962

Also see Jamaica Ministers

1720-39 Leader Nanny of the Maroons in the Blue Mountains in Eastern Jamaica
She was leader of the Windward or Eastern Jamaican Maroons - Africans - and the struggle against the British colonial empire and its institution of slavery in Jamaica. The Maroons themselves and the British settlers too, all recognized her as an outstanding military leader. She was particularly skilled in organizing the guerrilla warfare carried out by the Eastern Maroons to keep away the British troops who attempted to penetrate the mountains to overpower them. And, she was especially important to the free Africans in their fierce fight with the British during the First Maroon War from 1720 to 1739. She was also a spiritual leader, a Priestess, for her people. Despite relentless pursuit by the British forces, the Windward Maroons continued raiding plantations for food and supplies; survived and thrived in the mountainous jungle terrain; communicated using the famous abeng (cow horn); and kept the location of their mountain secret for at least ten years.

1962- Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of Jamaica and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth (06.08-)
Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952

1996 Deputy Governor General Reverent Carmen Stewart
As Custos Rotulorum of St. Andrew 1992-2010, she was on various occations appointed Acting Governor General for brief period when the office holder was abroad. (b. 1924-).

2007- At times Deputy to the Governor General Chief Justice Zaila McCalla
If no Deputy to the Governor is appointed, the Chief Justice acts as Governor-General whenever the office holder is abroad or otherwize incapacitated. Judge in the Supreme Court from 1996 and Chief Justice since 2007. (b. 1948-)

2012 Deputy Governor Sophia Azan
She was Custos Rotulorum of St. Cathrine 2003-15, and was appointed Acting Governor General as the incombent was abroad from 6th to 15th of July 2012.



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