Jamaica Local

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Jamaica Local (Female suffrage 1919/44)

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1965-ca. 1990 Custos Rotulorum Muriel Carnegie, The Parish of Westmoreland
Custos rotulorum means 'keeper of the rolls' and referring to an honorific post, often associated with the Lord Lieutenancy of a county. She lived (1920-2015)

1989-2003 Mayor of the Corporation of Kingston and St. Andrew Her Worship, Councillor Marie Atkins
City Councillor 1976-2003, Deputy Mayor 1986-89. She was the third female mayor of the town.

1992-2010 Custos Rotulorum Reverend The Honourable Carmen Stewart, The Parish of St. Andrew
A pastor Pentecostal Gospel Temple at Windward Road in East Kingston for about 40 years, and later the presiding Bishop for Pentecostal Gospel Temple Family of Churches, a position she still holds. The Custodes of Parishes are the Representatives of the Governor General in the Parish. First appointed Deputy Governor General, acting in the Governor General's absence in 1996 and on a number of later occations. (b. 1922-).

2003-15 Custos Rotulorum Sophia Azan, The Parish of St. Cathrine
A Pastor of the Bread of Life Ministries in Linstead. Deputy Governor General from 6.7.12 5o 15.7.12

2004- Custos Rotulorum Marcia Bennett, The Parish of St. Thomas
Local entrepreneur.

2010-15 Custos Rotulorum Marigold Harding, The Parish of St. Andrew
Married to the former President of the Senate Oswald Harding

2011- Custos Rotulorum Sally Porteous, The Parish of Manchester
Self employed.

2012- Mayor of the Corporation of Kingston Angela Rosemarie Brown-Burke
Vice-President of the Senate from 20156.

2014- Custos Rotulorum Norma Walters, The Parish of St Ann
A local business woman

2014- Custos Rotulorum Beryl Rochester, The Parish of St. Elizabeth
Married to former MP Derrick Rochester

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