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1951-52 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Chana Lamdan
Emigrated from Ukraine to Israel in 1925. She was active in different workers’ unions. Elected as MK 1949 and served for 14 inconsecutive years. Resigned as Deputy Speaker after moving to a different party. She lived (1905-95)

1955–65 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Beba Idelson
She was a member of the provisional council of state, divorced from the minister Israel Bar Yehuda and was the chairwoman of the international “Pioneer Women” movement between 1968-75. Mother of one and lived (1885-1975).

1963-73 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Tova Sanhedrai
First female representative of a religious party. She chaired her party’s women movement “Emuna” in 1935-84. Immigrated to Israel in 1934. She lived (1906-93).

1965-69 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Ruth Haktin
Former Group Chairperson of "Ahdut HaAvoda" party. She lived (1901-91)

1965-69 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Emma Levin Talmi
At the same time Chairperson of the NRP Parliamentary Body. Widow of the MK Meir Talmi. Mother of three. She lived (1905-2004).

1965-69 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Dvorah Netzer
1968 Acting President of the the Knesset and the State of Israel
Chairperson of the Working Women’s Movement 1930-67. MK 1949-69. As Deputy Speaker of the Knesset from the ruling party of Mapai, she was elected as Acting Speaker when the incumbent was absent and served as Acting Preisdent when both he and the President was absent from the country. She lived (1897-1989).

1977-81 and 1989 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Shoshana Arbeli-Almoslino
In 1984-86 Deputy Minister, 1986-89 Minister of Health. (b. 1926-)

1977-81 and 1984-88 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Haika Grossman
She fought in the rebellion in the Bialistok ghetto, was Chair of the Gaaton Regional Council 1950-52, and lived (1919-95).

1992-96 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Anat Maor. MK for Meretz party 1992-2003. Candidate in 2004 elections for Secretary General of the Kibbutz movement. (b. 1945)

1992-96 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Esther Salmovitz
MK for Tzomet party. Former member of Naharia city council. (b. 1948-)

1999-2003 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Prof. Naomi Chazan
She is the daughter of Former member of Knesset, Zena Herman (b. 1914-). Professor of Political Science, MK for Meretz party 1992-2003. (b.1946-).

1999-2002 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Sofa Landver
An immigrant from Russia in 1979. She was a Labour MK 1996-2003 and 2002 Deputy Minister of Transportation. MK for Israel Beytenu party since 2006. (b. 1949-).

2003-04 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Etti Livni
An attorney and was MK for Shinui Party 2003-06. 2004 she became Chairperson of the Women's Commitee. Mother of three. (b. 1948-).

2005-09 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Colette Avital
Ambassador to Portugal 1988-1992, Consul General in New York 1992-1996 and Deputy Director General in the foreign affairs ministry 1996-1999. Elected as MK in 1999 for Labour party, she chaired numerous parliament committees since. Presidential Candidate for Labour in 2007. Single. (b. 1940-)

2005-06 Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Gila Finkelstein
MK of the National Religious Party 2003-06. She was a school principal of national religious community. Located fifth in party's list. Mother of three. (b. 1950-)

2006-09 Speaker of the Knesset Dalia Itzik
Former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in charge of Education, Labour Member of the Knesset 1992-2005, Minister of Environment 1999-2001, Minister of Trade and Industry 2001-02, Group Chairperson of Labour 2003-05 and Minister of Communication in 2005. She joined Kadima, a new party formed by Ariel Sharon in 2006. Acting President from 25.01-15.07 and Chairperson of the Kadima Knesset Group from 2009. (b. 1952-).

2009-10 Deputy Speaker Yulli Tamir
Labour MK 2003-10, Minister of Immigrant Absorption 1999-2001, Minister of Education 2006-09 and Acting Minister of Science, Technology, Culture and Sports 2006-07. (b. 1954-).

2009-11 Deputy Speaker Ruhama Avraham
Kadima MK, Deputy Minister of Interior 2005-06,
Minister without Portfolio in charge of Jerusalem 2007, Minister without Portfolio in charge of Liasion with the Knesset 2007-08 and Minister of Tourism 2008-09 (b. 1964-).

2010- Secretary General Yardena Maller-Horowitz
She was Deputy Secretary General 2004-10.

2010-12 Deputy Speaker Orli Levy-Abekasis
Daughter of former Deputy Prime Minister and present MK, David Levy. She is a mother of three. (b. 1973-).

2012-13 Deputy Speaker Lia Shemtov
Member of Knesset 2006-13 for the Yisrael Beitenu party. Former Deputy Mayor of Nazareth Ilit. Mother of 2. (b. 1958-)

2013-15 Deputy Speaker
Gila Gamliel
Likud MK from 2003 and Deputy Minister of Agriculture 2009-06 and of Women and Youth 2009-13 and Minister of

2013-15 Deputy Speaker Ruth Calderon
MK for the Yesh Atid party 2013-15.

2013-15 Deputy Speaker Pnina Tamano-Shata
MK for the Yesh Atid party 2013-15.

2015- Deputy Speaker Tali Ploskov
Mayor of Arad 2010-15 and MK for Kulanu since 2015, mother of 2 (b. 1962).

2015-16 Deputy Speaker Nurit Koren
MK for Likud since 2015. Attorney, mother of 4 (b. 1960)

2016- Deputy Speaker Nava Boker
Mk for Likud since 2015. (b 1970-) .


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