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Ecclesiastical Territory of Ireland

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Abbey Kildare
Saint Briget founded the Abbey around 470 as a double monastery, for nuns and monks, on the plains of Cill-Dara, under the joint leadership of an Abbess and an Abbot. The Abbess wielded considerable power and held a position similar to that of Abbess Nullius - had an administrative authority equal to that of a Bishop until the Synod of Kells in 1152. The Abbey continued under the rule of the Abbot until all religious institutions were supressed by Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Around 470-521/524/526 Brigit ingen Dubthaig
Saint Briget.

.....Der Lugdach



Until 690 Gnáthnat (or Gnáthat)

690-732 Sébdann ingen Cuirc

732-43 Affraic (or Aiffrica)

743-58 Martha ingen maic Dubáin

758-773 Lerthan

773-797 Condál ingen Murchado

797-805 Fine

805-831 Muirenn ingen Cellaig

831-834 Affraic

834-855 Cathán

855-85 Tuilelaith ingen Uargalaig

885-916 Cobflaith ingen Duib Dúin

916-918 Muirenn ingen Suairt

918-964 Muirenn ingen Flannacáin meic Colmáin

964-979-1016 Muirenn ingen Congalaig

979-1016 Eithne ingen Suairt

1016-1047 Lann ingen meic Selbacháin

1047-1072 Dub Dil

1072-1112 Gormlaith ingen Murchada

1112-1127 Ingen Cerbaill meic Fáeláin

1127-1132 Mór ingen Domnaill Uí Chonchobair Failge
The king of Leinster, Dermot McMurrough/Diarmait Mac Murchada, forced her to marry one of his followers. 170 of the inhabitants of the town and the abbey were slaughtered. She (d. 1167).

1132-71 Sadb ingen Glúniarain Meic Murchada


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