Hungary Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Hungary/ Magayar Köztársaság/ Ungarn
(Female suffrage 1918/45)

Also see Hungary Ministers

Országgyülés/ National Assembly

Hungary Parliament

1945-48 Vice-President Kéthly Anna
Minister of State in 1956.

1948-49 Political Deputy of the President Mónus Illésné Koronya Jolán

1955-63 Vice-President Vass Metzker Erzébet/Mme Istvánné Vass
1963-67 President
1967-76 Vice-President
Erzsébet Metzker was Member of the Council of State 1971-76. And lived (1915-80).

1971-?? Vice-President Gaborné Varga

1975-89 Vice-President Raffai Sarlota

1976-81 Vice-President Erdes L.
1981 Acting President
In 1980-89 Member of the Advisory Council of President of the Republic

1975-80 Vice-President Horwath S.

1980-89 Vice-President Frerencné Cservenka Ilona

Circa 1982 Vice-resident Raffi Sarlota

1988-90 Vice-President Jakab Robert Maria

1990-94 Notary Dr. Maria Kóródi

1990-91 Notary Katalin Bosssány

1994-98 Vice-President Korodi Maria

1994-98 Vice-President Dr. Maczö Nagy Ágnes

1994-96 Notary Dr. Ferézia Szilagyiné Császár

1998-2002 Vice-President Dr. Szili Katalin
2002-09 President
She was Political State Secretary of Environment 1994-98 and was Vice-Chairperson of the Social Democrats. As Parliament President she was also Deputy Head of State.
Presidential Candidate in 2005 and candidate for Mayor of Pecs in 2009. In 2010 she founded a the new party, the Social Union. (b. 1956-)

1998-2002 Notary Dr. Erika Szabó

1998-2002 Notary Dr. Katalin Juhászné Lévai

2001 Notary Dr. Ilona Boda

2001 Notary Margit KoppánnéDr. Kerész

2002-06 Vice-President Dr. Dávid Ibolya
Minister of Justice 1998-2002 and Leader of the
Hungarian Democratic Forum 1999-2010. (b. 1954-)

2002-06 Notary Nóra Nagy

2002-06 Notary Gabriella Beki

2009-10 Vice-President Ildikó Pelczné Gáll
Deputy Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of Fidesz 2006-09, MEP from 2010.

2010-14 Notary Hegedús Lorántné

2013- Political Deputy of the President Dr. Mátrai Márta
MP since 1998, she was appointed as the Deputy of the President who delegates her tasks. It is a position that existed before and just after World War II and in Hungarian it is "Háznagya".

2014- Notary Fiddler Lórántné

2014- Notary Elizabeth Schmuck


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