Honduras Ministers

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República de Honduras
(Female suffrage 1955) Independent from Spain 1821

Also see Honduras Heads

1965 Minister of Education Alba Alonzo de Quesada

1975-79 Minister of Education Prof. Lidia Arias de Williams

1981-86 Minister of Education Alma Rodas de Fiallos

1981-83 Subsecretary for Industry and Internal Trade in Ministry of Economy and Trade
1983-? Minister of Economy Lic. Leticia Matay

1981-86 Subsecretary for Technical Affairs in Education Ministry Miriam Judith Gallardo

1982-86 Vice-Minister of Culture Sonia Canales Gonzales de Mendieta
1992-93 Minister of Culture, Tourism and Information
Successively Ambassador to Guatemala and to Mexico 1986-92, Vice-Presidential Candidate of the Liberal Party 1989 and Ambassador to UNESCO and President of the Executive Committee 1999-2001.

1986-90 Minister of Education Elisa Estela Valle de Martínez Paveti

1990-92 Minister of Culture and Information Elena Valasco Urresti

1993-97 3rd. Executive Vice-President and Coordinator of the Office of Women's Affairs Guadelupe Jerezano Mejía  

1993-97 Minister of Education Xenobia Rodas de León Gómez

1993-97 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Yolanda Barahona de Suazo

1993-97 Vice-Minister of Culture and Tourism Maria Cristina Augustinus de Torres

1993-97 Vice-Minister of Economy and Trade Lic. Marlene Urtecho

1993-97 Subsecretay of Health Virginia Fegueroa de Espinoza

1993-97 Subsecretary of Public Work, Transport and Housing for Transport Maritza Salinas

1995-96 Vice-Minister of Economy Gabriela Núñez Ennabe de Reyes
1997-2002 Minister of Finance
2006-09 Cabinet Member and President of the National Bank
2009-10 Minister of Fincance
Also worked in the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank.
Candidate for the position of Presidential Candidate for the
Liberal Party in 2005.

Around 1996 Vice-Minister of Payments Vilma Sierra de Fonesca

1997-98 Vice-Minister of Interior and Justice Gladys Caballero de Arévalo
2nd. Executive Vice-President

1997-02 Vice-Minister of Finance Sandra Regnia de Midence

1998-2000 Minister of Security and Police Elizabeth Chuiz Sierra

1998-2002 Cabinet Member and Director of Womens Affairs María Marta Díaz

Circa 1998-2002 Vice-Minister of Health Ellithe Girón

Around 1998 Vice-Minister of Education Lilian Cabñas

1999-2002 Minister of Labour Rosa América Miranda de Gallo

1999-2002 Minister of National Resources and Environment Silvia Xiomará Gómez de Caballero

2000-02 Minister of Tourism Ana del Socorro Abarca de Perdomo     

Circa 2000-02 Vice-Minister of Transport Maritza Salinas

2001-02 Minister of Interior and Justice Vera Sofia Rubi  
Candidate in the internal primaries in the Liberal Party for the position of Presidential Candidate in
1997, 2001 and 2005.

Around 2001 Minister in the Secretariat of Technology and International Cooperation Glenda Callardo Zelaya

2002-06 Executive Vice-President in charge of Various Social Programes Armida Vellela de López Contreras
Minister for the Council of Centralamerican Social Integration, Ciecsa, and President of the National Council for the Fight against Drug-traficing

2002-06 Minister of  Culture, Arts and Sports Mireya Batres Mejía

2002-06 Minister of Environment and National Resources Patricia Panting Galo

2002-06 Minister of International Cooperation Brenie Liliana Matute
(Minister of the Technical Secretariat General of International Cooperation (Setco))

2002-06 Cabinet Member and President of the Banco Central María Elena Mondragón
de Villar

2002-06 Cabinet Member and President of the National Commission for Banks and Securities Ana Cristina Mejía de Pereira

2002-06 Cabinet Member and Director of Family Action and in the Social Areas Elizabeth Zúniga de Mazariegos

2002-06 Minister in charge of the National Institute of Women Marcela del Mar Suazo Laitano

2002-06 Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr. Juliette Handal de Castillo

2002-06 Vice-Minister of Education Claudia Sagrario Torres

2002-06 Vice-Minister in the Office of the President Rocío Tábra

2003-06 Vice-Minister of Tourism Eva Carolina Lopez

2006-09 Minister of Industry and Commerce
Lizzi Azcona

2006-09 Minister of Natural Resources Mayra Mejía del Cid

2006-09 Minister of Technics and Cooperation
Karen Zelaya

2006-09 Minister of the Women's Institute
Selma Estrada de Uclés

2006-09 Minister of Science and Technology Miriam Mejía

2006-09 Cabinet Member and Director of
INFOP Leonor Meza

2006-09 Cabinet Member and Director of the Merciant Marine Vera Sofía Rubí

2006 Vice-Minister of Finance Rebeca Patricia Santos Rivera
2006-09 Minister of Finance

2009 Minister of Foreign Affairs Patricia Isabel Rodas Baca
President of the Partido Liberal 2005-09. (b. 1962).

2009-10 Minister of Science and Technology Desiré Rosales

2009-10 Cabinet Member and President of the Central Bank Sandra Midence

2009-10 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Marta Lorena Alvarado

2009-10 Minister of the National Institute of Women María Martha Díaz Velásquez
Director of the National Office of Women's Affairs 1999-2002. (b. 1951-)

2010-14 Vice-President in charge of the Ministry of the Presidency María Antonieta Guillén de Bográn

2010-14 Minister of the National Institute of Women María Antoniete Botto

2010-14 Minister of Family María Elena Zepeda

2010-13 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Mireya Agüero de Corrales
2013-15 Minister of Foreign Affairs

2010- Vice-Minister of Justice Carmen Rivera de Muñoz

2010- Vice-Minister of Education Sandra Maribel Sánchez

2010- Vice-Minister of Education Elia del Cid

2014- Minister of Health Yolani Batres

2014- Minister and Director Communication and Government Strategy Hilda Hernández

2014- Vice-Minister of Security Alejandra Hernández


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