Ministers of Health

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
 in office September 2006

2001-05 Secretary of State for Welfare in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Montserrat Gil Torné, Andorra
2005- Minister of
Health, Social Welfare and Family and Government Spokesperson
Former Civil Servant. (b. 1966-).

2004- Minister of Health Dr. Nada bint Abbas Haffadh, Bahrain

2002- Minister of Health Ludmila A. Postoialko, Belarus

2006- Minister of Health Flore Gangbo, Benin

2006- Minister of Health and Sports Nila Heredia Miranda, Bolivia

2004- Minister of Health Professor Sheila Tlou, Botswana

2005-06 Minister at the Presidency in charge of AIDS Dr Triphonie Nkurunziza, Burundi
2006- Minister of the Public Health

2006- Minister of Health María Soledad Barría, Chile

2006-  Minister of Health María Luisa Ávila, Costa Rica

2002-03 Minister-Delegate of Solidarity charged with the fight against AIDS 
2003- Minister for the fight against AIDS Christine Nebout-Adjobi, Ivory Coast
Normally known as Christine Adjobi.

2003-05 Minister of Education Tuula Haatainen, Finland
2005- Minister of Social Affairs and Health
Deputy Group Chairperson of the Social Democrats and Member of the Presidium of the Parliament and Chairperson of the Committee of Social Affairs and Health in 2003. Candidate for the Post of Chairperson of the Social Democrats in 2005. (b. 1960-).

2001- Federal Minister of Health Ulla Schmidt, Germany
2002-05 Federal Minister of Social Affairs
She was Deputy Chairperson of the SPD-Faction of the Bundestag 1998-2001. (b. 1949-)

2003- Minister of Health, Social Security (National Insurance Scheme) and the Environment Ann David Antoine, Grenada

2005- Minister of Health Antónia Mendes Teixeira, Guinea Bissau

1999-2004 Minister of Environment and Nordic Cooperation Siv Fredleifsdóttir, Iceland
Minister of Health and Social Security
She has been an MP for the Framsóknarflokkur (Progress Party) since 1995 and from 2005 Party Secretary. Her full name is Björg Siv Juhlin Fredleifsdottir. (b. 1961-).

2004- Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesia

1996-2001 Minister without Portfolio of Social Solidarity and Family  Livia Turco, Italy
2006- Minister of Health
In 1986-96 National Secretary of Partito Comminesta de Italia for Women’s Affairs. (b. 1955-)

2003- Minister of Health Charity Kaluki Ngilu, Kenya
MP 1992-97, 1992-97 Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the Social Democratic Party, 1997 Presidential Candidate, from 2000 Leader of Women Political Alliance, since 2001 also Leader of National Party of Kenya Presidential Candidate in 1997 and from 2001 one of the leaders of the opposition Rainbow Coalition, which won the elections in 2002. Before the elections it was agreed that she would become Prime Minister when the constitution was changed, but the proposed change was turned down in a referendum in November 2005. (b. 1952-)

2005 Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Marjorie Ngaunje, Malawi
2005-06 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
2006- Minister of Health

2004- Minister of Health Maïga Zeinab Mint Youba, Mali

2005- Minister of Public Health Maria Teresa León Menardo, Paragay

2006- Minister of Health Gatoloaifaana Amataga Alesana Gidlow, Samoa
She is daughter of the late Prime Minister Tofilau Eti Alesana and MP from 2006.

2006- Minister of Health MacSuzy Mondon, The Seychelles
Principal secretary of Education and Human Resources Development through a number of years.

1996-99 Deputy Minister of Justice Dr. Mantombazana E. Tshabalala-Msimang, South Africa
1999- Minister of Health

2004- Minister of Health
Elena Salgado Méndez, Spain
Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment 1991-96. President of the WHO Assembly in 2005. (b. 1949-).

2005- Minister of Health Tabita Sokaya , Sudan

2001-05 Secretary of State of Trade and Industry and Minister for Women Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt, United Kingdom
2005- Secretary of State of Health
Economic Secretary to the Treasury 1998-99, and 1999-2001 Trade Minister (b. 1949-)

2005- Minister of Health María Julia Muñoz, Uruguay

1997-2002 Minister of Population Activities and Family Planning 
2002- Minister of Health Trân Thi Trung Chiên, Vietnam

2004-05 Minister of Local Government and Housing Sylvia Masebo, Zambia
2005- Minister of Health


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