Guyana Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The Cooperative Republic of Guyana
(Female right to stand for elections 1945, suffrage 1953) Formerly a British Colony by the name of British Guyana which got internal self government in 1957, became independent in 1966 and a republic in 1970

Also see Guyana Heads of State and Guyana Parliament

1957-61 Minister of Labour, Health and Housing Janet Rosenberg Jagan
1963-64 Minister of Home Affairs (Senator)
1996-97 Leader of the Opposition
1997 First Vice-President, Prime Minister and Minister of Mines (6.3-22.12)
1997-99 President (19.12-11.8) (Head of State and Government)
Secretary General 1950-70, International Secretary 1970-84 and Executive Secretary of PPP 1984-90, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly 1953. In 1954 imprisoned by the British authorities for her activities for independence. 1973-97 Editor-in-Chief of The Mirror, 1993 Ambassador-at-Large and Acting Permanent Representative of the United Nations (October-December). She was married to Dr. Cheddi Bharat Jagan, Chief Minister 1953-55 and 1957-61, President 1961-64 and 1991-97(†)In July 1999 she suffered a mild hart attack and chose to resign from her post 3 years ahead of time, endorsing her successor the 35 years old Bharrat Jagdeo, Minister of Finance 1994-99. Born in Chicago and lived (1920-2009).

1964-70 Minister of Education, Youth, Recreations and Social Development Winifred Gaskin
Chairperson of the People's National Congress Party 1964-73 and Ambassador to Barbados 1973-79.

1966-70 Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Guyana and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (25.05-23.02)
Queen of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952 (b. 1926-)

1969-71 Minister of Health Dr. Sylvia Talbot

1969-70 Minister of Education Shirley Patterson

1970-71 Minister of Education Shirley M. Field-Ridley
1971-72 Minister of Health
1972-76 Minister of Information
1976 Minister of Social Development
1977-81 Minister of Culture and Information

1971-76 Minister of Education Cecilene Cleef Baird
1976-80 Minister of Education and Social Development
In 1965-66 Deputy mayor, 1967 Lord Mayor of Georgetown.

Circa 1971-79 Parliamentary Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister and Government Chief Whip M.M. Ackmand

1973-85 Parliamentary Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister Commander Phibema Ameena Rayman

1973-78 Parliamentary Secretary of Trade Commander Edith Bynoe
1978-82 Parliamentary Secretary of Consumer Protection

1973-78 Parliamentary Secretary of National Development W.A. Agard

1980-81 Minister of Cooperatives Commander Urima E. Johnson
1981-83 Deputy Minister of Regional Development
1983-85 Minister in Office of the Premier Minister and Minister of National Development
1985-90 Minister within the Ministry of National Mobilization and Deputy Minister of Regional Development
1990-92 Minister of Regional Development

1980-85 Minister of Public Service Yvonne V. Harewood-Benn
1984-89 Minister of Information
1985-87 Minister of Education, Social Development and Culture
1987-89 Minister of Public Service
1989-91 Minister in the President's Office

1980 Minister of Consumer Protection Jean Maitland-Singh
1982 Minister of Agriculture (Commander)

1982-86 Parliamentary Secretary of Housing Commander Agnes W. Bend-Kirton-Holder
1982-84 Parliamentary Secretary of Works and Transport

1985-91 2. Vice-President and Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for Education, Social Development including Women’s Affairs and Culture
1989-91 Minister
Ministry of Culture and Social Development with special responsibility for women, children and young persons, and the administration of the Social Impact Amelioration Programme component of Guyana’s Economic Recovery programme Viola Harper Burnham
Widow of President
Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham, Premier 1964-80 and President 1980-85 (). After his death she was in question as his successor but instead became deputy to the successor. She lived (1930-2003)

1985-88 Deputy Minister of Planning and Development Dr. Faith Azaela Harding
1989-91 Minister of Public Service
1991-92 Minister in the President's Office

1986-88 Minister of State of Home Affairs Commander Stella Odie-Alli
1988-92 Minister of Home Affairs

1992-93 Minister of Social Development and Labour Indranie Chandarpal
1993-98 Minister in the Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security with additional charge of Women’s Affairs and Housing
1998-2001 Minister of Human Service and Social Security

1992 Senior Minister of Labour, Human Service and Social Security Rabbian Ali-Khan

1992-98 Senior Minister of Health Gail Teixera
1998-2006 Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports
2004-05 and 2005 Acting Minister of Home Affairs (May-April) and (31. April-21. June)
Minister of Home Affairs
She was Acting Foreign Minister in 1998, 2002 and 2003. Appointed Chairperson of the Committee on Governance in the Office of the President in 2006 and was Chief Whip of the PPP 2010-15.

1993-95 Minister of State for Social Development and Culture Jean Persio

1999-2006 Parliamentary Secretary of Regional Development and Local Government Philomena Sahoye-Shury

2001-06 Minister within the Ministry of Human Services, Social Security and Labour Bibi Safora Shaddick
Former teacher and lawyer. (b. 1945-)

2001-08 Minister of Amerindian Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett
2008-15 Minister of Foreign Affairs
Active in Amerindian Community Affairs for a number of years. Some commentators had expected her to be named Prime Minister Candidate of the PPP in 2015, but instead the Director General of the Foregin Ministry,
Elisabeth Harper, became the candidate. (b. 1974-).

2003-15 Minister of Public Service Management Jennifer R.A. Westford

2006-11 Minister within the Ministry of Finance Jennifer I. Webster
2011-15 Minister of  Human Services and Social Security Minister
Former Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President

2006-15 Minister of Human Services and Social Security Priya D. Manickchand

2006-15 Minister within the Ministry of Education Dr. Desrey Fox
Former Curator of the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology.

2006-08 Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Pauline Campbell-Sukhai
Minister of Amerindian Affairs
In charge of Native American Affairs


2015- Minister of Tourism Cathy Hughes 

2015- Minister of Social Cohesion and Chief Whip of the Government in the National Assembly Anna Ally

2015- Minister of Social Protection Volda Lauwrence

2015- Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection Simona Broomes

2015- Minister within the Ministry of Health Karen Cummings

2015- Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Annette Ferguson

2015- Minister within the Ministry of Education Nicolette Henry

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