Guinea Bissau Parliament

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República de Guiné Bissau/ Guinea Bissau

Also see Guinea Bissau Ministers

1973-84 Deputy President of Assembleia Nacional Popular Carmen Pereira
1975-80 President of the Parliament of Cap Verde (in a union with Guinea at the time)
1984-89 President Assembleia Nacional Popular of Guinea Bissau
1984 Acting Head of State
In 1981-83 Minister of Health and Social Affairs, 1989-92 Member of Council of State. As President of the Assembly she was Deputy Head of State

1994-97 1. Vice-President Francisca Perreira Gomes
In 1990-94 Minister of Women’s Affairs, 1997-99 Minister of Interior

2004-08 1. Vice-President Satu Camara Pinto
President of the Region of Cacheu 1990-97, Governor of the Region of Gabú 1997-99 and also Second Vice-President of the African Party for Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Independence (PAIGC) and Minister of Interior from 2009. (b. 1948-)

2004-08 2. Vice-President Martina Morreira Moniz Nafantcham-na

2008- 2. Secretary Maria Aurora Abissa Sanó


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