Guatemala Ministers

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República de Guatemala
(Female suffrage 1945) Independent 182..

Also see Guatemala Heads and Guatemala Parliament

1971 Cabinet Member, Secretary of Social Welfare N.N.

1978 Minister of Welfare Ruth Chicas Redón de Sosa

1980-85 Minister of Education Maria Eugenia Tejada Jaureguide de Putzeys

1981-83 Secretary of Social Welfare by the President Hilda Yolanda Morales Morales

1985 Minister of Education Arcley Samayao de Pineda

1985-90 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ana Catalina Reyes Soberanis
2002-04 Presidential Secretary with rang of Minister for Peace
Since 1990 Lider Partido Democratica Cristiani Guatemala, 1991-92 Presidenta of Congreso Nacional and 1999 Presidential Candidate.

1986-87 Minister of Culture Maria Regina de Fashen

1987-91 Minister of Culture and Sport Ana Isabel Pérez de Lobo
She was Secretary of the High Court of Justice 1986-87 (b. 1953-)

Circa 1987-91 Vice-Minister of Specific Affairs Lyuba Martínez Everetz de Castillo

1988 Minister of Specific Affairs Sara Mishaan Rossel

1991 Minister of Finance Irma Raquel Zelaya Rosales
Later Government Delegate and Leader of the Secretariat for Peace.

1991 Minister of Culture, Education and Sports Eunice Graciela Lima Schaul
Before 1991 Ambassador to Honduras and Paraguay, 1993- Ambassador to Honduras.

1991-93 Minister of Culture and Education María Lusia Beltranema Valladares de Padilla

1991-93 Subsecretary of Public Relations in the Office of the President Roxana B. de Paz

1991-93 Vice-Minister of Education and Culture Rosa Serrano de Lopez

1993-96 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Gladys Anabella Morfín Mansilla [de León Ruiz]
In 1998-99 1. Vice-President of Congreso de Republíca.

1993-94 Minister of Economy and External Trade Fanny de Estrada

1994-95 Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Marithza Ruiz Sánchez de Vielman
Ambassador to United Kingdom 2000-03, since 2003 Delegate and National Representative to the UN Commisison for Development of Commerce and in 2003 Vice-Presidential Caniddate for DIA. (b. 1945-)

1994-96 Minister of Finance Ana Ordóñez de Molina
2008-09 Minister of Education
When the left-wing President was critised for appointing only one woman and few indiginous members of the government, he stated that he would appoint plenty of Vice-Ministers from both categories. The government website does not list them any longer, though.

1994-96 Head of the Secretariat of the President Maritza de Las Barreros

1994-96 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Aura de Aguilera

1996-97 Minister of Education Lic. Anabella Elisabeth Castro Quiñónez de Camparini
President of Congreso Nacional 1994-95 and 1997-98, in 1999 she was vice-Presidential candidate.

Circa 1994-95 Vice-Minister of Culture and Sport  Julieta Salguero de Morales

1996-2000 Cabinet Member and Presidential Commissioner of Human Rights Marta Altolaguirre

Around 1997 Secretary for the Peace Process Lic. Raquel Zelaya

Around 1997 Subsecretary for the Peace Process Ella Virgina Moreno

1997-2000 Vice-Minister of Education Lic. Maria Eugenia Ramirez Mota

1997-98 Vice-Minister of Education Lic. Rosa Eugenia Garenbein de Semrau

1998-2000 Vice-Minister of Education Julieta Solguero de Morales

1999-2000 Minister of Finance Irma Luz Toledo Peñate  

1999-04 Presidential Secretary with rang of Minister for Social Works Evelyn Morataya de Portillo
Married to President Portillo.

1999-2000 Vice-Minister of Education Lic. Cynthia del Aguila de Saénz de Tejada

2000-04 Minister of Culture and Sports Otilia Lux de Cotí
Of Mayan origin, she is active in the
Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

04 Minister of the Social Welfare Secretariat in the Presidency Cristian Lorena Munduate García de Ponce

2000-04 Secretary for Social Work in the Presidency Shirley de Alvarado

2000 Secretary of Public Relations in the Presidency Eugenia Fernanda Castejón Quiñónez 

2000-02 Vice-Minister of External Relations Angela Garóz Cabera

04 Minister of Communications, Transportation,  Public Works, Infrastructure and Housing Flora Mariana Escobar Gordillo de Ramos

2002-04 Minister of Economy and Commerce Aurelia Patricia Ramírez Ceberg

2002-04 Presidential Secretary with rang of Minister for Women's Affairs Vilma Lily Caravantes Tobías

2002-04 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Security Blanca Odilia Alfaro de Nájera

2003-04 Secretary of Social Works Margarita Salinas de Mijangos

2003-04 Vice-Minister of Agriculture Silvia Davila de la Par

2004-08 Minister of Public Finances María Antonieta del Cid de Bonilla
Former Vice-President of the Bank of Guatamala and other asignments in the financial and banking world.

2004-08 Minister of Education María del Carmen Aceña Villacorta de Fuentes

2004-08 Secretary of Social Works Maria Fernanda de Castillo

2004-08 Secretary of Social Communication Rosa María Angel de Frade

2004-06 Vice-Minister of External Relations Marta Altolaguirre Larraondo

2004-08 Vice-Minister of Interior Silvia Vasquez de Leon de Hidalgo

2004-08 Vice-Minister of Education
Floridalma Meza Palma

2004-08 Vice-Minister of Education Miriam I. Castañeda Arana

2004-08 Vice-Minister of Communications, Public Works and Housing Berta Lidia Del Valle

2006-08 Secretary of Social Assistance Edna Cristina Lima de Morales

2006-08 Presidential Secretary of Women María Gabriela Núñez Pérez

2006-08 Secretary of Peace Norma Quixtán Argueta
Governor of Quetzaltenango 2004-06.

2006-08 Secretary of Agrarian Affairs María del Carmen Aguilar Sánchez

2006-08 Vice-Minister of External Relations Anamaría Diéguez Arévalo
Ambassador to Venezuela 1993-98 and to Germany 1998-2004, representative in various international organisations, and Member of the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Laboureres and their families from 2006. (b. 1952-).

2006-08 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Prevision Cándida González

2007-08 Minister of Interior Adela Camacho de Torrebiarte
Presidential Candidate in 2011.

2008-11 Secretary of Social Works Sandra Torres de Colom
Also President of the Council of Social Cohesion. She divorced her husband, President Colom in 2011 in order to be able to stand as Presidential Candidate, but she was barred from running by the constitutional court.

2008-12 Vice-Minister of Communication, Infrastructure, Housing Lucrecia Ruiz
There is 3 male Vice-Ministers in the Ministry.

2008-12 Vice-Minister of National Resources Roxana Sobenas
2012- Minister of Environment and National Resources

2008-10 Vice-Minister of Interior Marlene Blanco Lapola
Former Chief of Police (directora de la Policía Nacional Civil). In 2012 she was arrested for alleged involvement in extra-judicial killings in 2009

2012-15 Vice President Ingrid Roxana Baldetti Elías
Member of the Congreso de Guatemala 2003-11 and Vice-President 2005-06, Parliamentary Leader 2008 and Secretary General of Partido Patriota 2009-11. Resigned after being charged with corruption. (b. 1962-).

2012-16 Minister of Education Cynthia Del Águila

2012-16 Minister of Social Development Luz Lainfiesta

2012-16 Secetary of Peace Marta Estrada

2016- Minister of Communications Sherry Lucrecia Ordóñez Castro

2016- Minister of Employment Aurora Leticia Teleguaria


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