Guam Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Parliament of Guam

American External Territory  with self-government since 1950

Also see Guam Ministers

1987-92 Vice-President of the Legislature Katherene Bordallo Argon

Circa 1992-1995 Secretary of the Legislature Pilar C. Lujon
Former Secretary, Vice-President and President of the Assembly of Pacific Island Legislatures Hermina D. Dierkin

Circa 1993-97 Secretary of the Senate Judy M. Gomez

2003-04 Legislative Secretary Senator Tina Rose Mua-Barnes

2003-05 Majority Leader (Democrat) Senator Lou Leon Guerrero

2004-05 Legislative Secretary Senator Joanne M. Salas Brown
2005-07 Vice-President
Treasurer of the Pacific Island Legislature 2000-2001, Secretary 2001-03, Vice-President 2003-04 and  President 2004-05, also former Assistant Majority Leader in the Guam Legislature and chairperson of various committees.

2008- Speaker of the Legislature Judith Won Pat
After a by-election Democratic majority took control of the legislature, as the Republican minority refused to give up their leadership-positions, but the Attorney General ruled that the takeover was legal. 2007-2008 Treasurer of the Assembly of the Pacific Island Legislatures, 2008-10 Secretary, 2010-2012 Vice-President and from 2012 President.

2008- Legislative Secretary Tina Muna-Barnes


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