Guam Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership

American External Territory  with self-government since 1950

Also see Guam Parliament

1987-1994 and 2015- Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson
Former Member of the Legislature and Supreme Court Judge.

1993-2002 Lieutenant Governor Hon. Madeleine Zeien Bordallo
Four times Senator, In 1990 Candidate for Governor, Widow of the late Governor Richard J. Bordallo, and first Lady two times. In 2002 she was elected Delegate to the US Congress. (b. 1937-)

1999 Treasurer Dolores R. Guerrera

1999-2001 Deputy Director of Education Eline A. Yamashita

1999-2001 and 2003-? Treasurer Y’Asela Pereira
(She lived 1940-2010)

Circa 1999-2003 General Manager of Guam Power Authority T.Ann Perez

Circa 1999-2003 Director of the Agency for Human Resources Development Sheila Santos

Circa 1999-2003 Director of Guam Public Library System Christine Scott Smith

Circa 1999-2003 Director of the Department of Administration Connie Jo Brennan

Circa 1999-2003 Administrator of Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Dr. Davina J. Lujan

Circa 1999-2003 President of the Department of Chamorro Affairs Linda Taitano Reyes

Circa 1999-2003 Director of Bureau of Planning Becky Lujan

Circa 1999-2003 Executive Director of Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority Taling Taitano

1999-2001 Director of Economic Affairs Isabel D.S.A. Lujan
2001-03 Director of Commerce

2001-03 Superintendent of Education Rosie R. Tainatongo

2001 Acting Director of Administration Connie Jo Brennan

2003-ca. 2011 Director of Administration Lourdes M. Perez

2003-? Director of Guam Energy Office Lorilee Crisostomo
Until 2010 Director of the Environmental Protection Agency

2003-07 Director of the Agency for Human Resources Development Roxanne Garrido
Senior Assistant of the Governor for Human Resources since 2007

2003-07 Superintendent of Education Dr. Nerissa B. Schaeffer

2007-10 Attorney General Alicia Garrido Limtiaco
Later US Attorney for Guam.


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