Grenada Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
The State of Grenada
(Female suffrage 1951 as part of Leeward and Winward Islands) French Colony till 1783 when it became a British Colony, an associated state in 1967 and independent (Kingdom) in 1974

Also see Grenada Parliament


1968-72 Governor The Hon. Dr. Dame Hilda Louise Byroe

1971-74 Parliamentary Secretary of Youth, Community Development, Sports and Co-operatives 

1974-78 Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Culture and Social Welfare Nadia Benjamin


1972-75 Minister of State for Tourism Audrey Palmer-Hawkes


1974- Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Grenada and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth (07.02-)


1974-78 Parliamentary Secretary of Youth, Community Development, Sports and Co-operatives Waple Nedd


1979-84 Member Revolutionary Council Claudette Kitt
1979-82 Parliamentary Secretary of Health
1982-83 Secretary of Social Affairs in the Ministry of Education and Social  Affairs


1979-82 Minister of Communication Phyllis Evans Coard
1982 Minister of State for Women and Member Revolutionary Council of the Peoples' Government
(b. 1943-).


1979-82 Minister of State of Tourism Pamela Boxo
1982 Secretary of Tourism in Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism


1979-01 Deputy Secretary of Tourism and Member Revolutionary Council Angela Readhead Bishop
The wife of Maurice Bishop, she immigrated with her children to Canada in 1981. In 2008 her daughter, Nadia Bishop was named Ambassador to the United Nations.


1980-82 Minister of Education, Youth Affairs, Women, Culture and Sports and Member of the Revolutionary Council Jacqueline Creft
She was the partner of Maurice Bishop, who staged a revolution in 1979 and named himself Prime Minister. They had one son together and were both executed in 1983. She lived (1946-83).


1984-85 Minister of Labour and Women Joan Purcell
1990-93 Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Women's Affairs
1993-95 Minister of Works, Community Development, Public Utilities and Women
1995 Minister of Information,
Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs
Twice Acting Prime Minister and from around 1996 Deputy Leader and 1998-99 acting Leader of the National Democratic Congress and Candidate for the post of Prime Minister, MP for
Carriacou and Petit Martinique till 1999, when The New National Party won all 15 seats in the House of Representatives. Senate President 2008-13.


1984-90 Minister of State of Health, Agriculture and Tourism Pauline Andrews


1988-92 Minister of State for Women's Affairs and Community Development Grace Duncan
1995-96 Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Women's Affairs, Co-operatives and Social Security (Second in the Cabinet)
1996-98 Deputy Premier, Minister of Health, Housing and Environment
Ambassador-at-Large for Caribbean Affairs from 1999


1989-90 Minister of State for Housing and the Environment Jane Butler


1990-95 Minister of Labour, Co-operatives, Social Security and Community Development Edzel Thomas


1995-96 Minister of Education Lourina Waldron (Third in the Cabinet)
1996-99 Minister of Housing, Women’s Affairs and Social Security
2003 Minister of State for Communication, Works and Public Utilities
2003 Minister of State of Health and Environment
MP until 2003.


1998-2003 Minister of Environment and Health Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen
2003-07 Minister of Communication, Works and Transport
2007-08 Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation,  Culture and the Performing Arts
2013-14 Minister of Health and Social Security
2014-16 Minister of Foreign Affairs
2016- Minister of Torism and Civil Aviation


1999 Minister of State of Housing, Women’s Affairs and Social Security Brenda Hood
Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Social Security, Gender and Family Affairs
2002-07 Minister of Culture was added to the portfolio.

2007-08 Minister of Communication, Works and Transport
2013-14 Parliamentary Secretary with responsibiliy of Culture in the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture
2014- Minister of Culture and the National Lottery
MP and Senator. Acting Foreign Affairs Minister on several occasions.


2001-04 Parliamentary Secretary with specific repsonsibility for Family Affairs Yolande Bain-Horsford
2004-08 Minister of Social Development, Housing, Gender and Family Affairs
2014-16 Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation
2016- Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and Environment


2003-08 Minister of Health, Social Security, the Environment and Ecclesiastical Affairs Ann David-Antoine

2003-06 Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office with responsibility for Youth Development Emmalin Pierre
2006-08 Minister for the Promotion of Youth
2013- Minister of Youth, Sports and Eccliastical Affairs
Former Assistant Coordinator of Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development and Senator 2003-08. (b. 1975-).


2003-08 Minister of State of Agriculture, Health, Women's Issues and Social Issue's Ingrid Rush


2008-09 Minister of Social Services, Ecclesiastical Affairs and Labour Glynnis Roberts
2009-10 Minister of Tourism and Social Development
2010-12 Minister of Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs
2012 Minister of Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development
MP 2003-13 for the National Democratic Congress until 2012 when she founded and became leader of the National United Front, which did not win a seat in 2013-elections when the former opposition, the New National Party, won all seats in parliament.


2008-13 Minister of Education Human Resources Bernadine Franka


2008-13 Minister of State of Health Ann Peters
2011-13 Minister of Health
Deputy President of the Senate 1995-99


2013-14 Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Alexandra Otway-Noel
2013-14 Minister of Culture
2014- Minister in the Prime Minister´s Office with responsibilty for Implementation

2013- Minister of Social Development, Housing and Community Development Delma Thomas


2013- Governor-General Dame Cécile La Grenade
Founder and chief executive of La Grenade Industries.

2016- Parliamentery Secretary with Responsiblity for Youth and Religious Affairs Pamela Moses



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