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1514-15 Acting Governor Maria Alvarez de Toledo,  Hispaniola/Las Isla Espanola (Spanish Possession)
The daughter of Ferndando Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba she married the son of Christopher Columbus, Diogo Colóm, who was was Vice-roy of the Indies 1509-14 and 1520-23.  

1526-35 Acting Governor Isabel Manrique, Isla de Margarita (Venezuela/Spanish Possession)
She and her husband, the judge of the High Court of Santo Domingo, Marcelo de Villalobos, had been installed in the island since 1512. In 1525 he  obtained, by pact with the Spanish Crown, the Governorship of Margarita, but he passed away the following year, and Isabel asked for the rights of governorship to be transferred to her daughter, Aldonza. Isabel appointed a number of governor-lieutenants, but continued to take care of her daughter's interests until she married in 1535.

1527-circa 75 Governor-in-absentia Aldonza de Villalobos Manrique, Isla de Margarita (Venezuela/Spanish Possession)
Normally known as Aldonza Manrique. After her father's death, her mother, Isabel Manrique, had the king transfer the governorship to her in 1527 - with the condition that while she was under age or was unmarried, the governorship was held by "a man with appropriate age", and her mother therefore appointed a number of governor-lieutenants.  In 1535 Aldonza married the conqueror Pedro Ortiz de Sandoval, who came to Santo Domingo from Peru. In 1539 the Council of the Indians confirmed her rights, but she did not take over before 1542, when she and her husband ruled as lieutenant-governors.  There are no documents evidencing she ever travelled to the island, and it cannot be taken for granted that her husband did it either. After her husband's death in 1546, Aldonza retained the title of Governor of Margarita, but continued  to live in Santo Domingo, until her daughter, Marcela, got married aged 14 with Juan Gómez de Villandrando, who became the new lieutenant-governor on behalf of Aldonza. In 1561 the island was invaded, and Marcela's husband killed. In 1565 Aldonza travelled to Spain with her daughter and two grandsons, and requested to the Council of the Indians the island Governorship to be transferred to one of those, Juan Sarmiento de Villandrando. The petition was accepted after 10 years, after she had already died. Aldonza lived (circa 1520-75)

1539-44 Acting Governor Ines de Bobadilla, Cuba (Spanish Possession)
Left in charge of the government when her husband, Hernando de Soto (1496/1500-42) left for an ekspedition where he died in 1542. Two years later Juan de Avila was appointed governor.

1541 Governor Beatriz de la Cueva, Guatemala (Spanish Possession)
After the death of her husband, Pedro de Alvarado, she manoeuvred her own election and became the
only woman to govern a major American political division in Spanish times. A young and ambitious woman who styled herself the Hapless One (La Sin Ventura), she was drowned a few weeks after assuming office in the destruction of Ciudad Vieja by a sudden flood from the volcano Agua. She was succeeded by brother, Francesco de la Cueva y Villacreces, Governor 1540-41 and 1541-42.

1544-60 Governor Brites de Albuquerque, Pernambuco (Brazil/Portuguese Possession)
Widow of Duarte Coelho Periera (1534-44) and succeeded by son Duarte Coelho de Albuquerque, who was governor for the Portuguese King (1560-72).

1589-93 Governor Luisa Grinalda, Espiritu Santo (Brazil/Portuguese Possession)
After the death of  her husband, the donatário Vasco Fernandes Coutinho Filho, she acted as governor for the King of Portugal, until she returned to her homeland and died in a convent in Èvora some years later.

1596-... Governor and Admiral Isabel Barreto de Castro, Santa Cruz (Solomon Islands - then a Spanish Possession)  
After the death of her husband, Alvaro Mendana de Neyra, Spanish navigator (1541-96), she proclaimed herself governor and took command of the fleet as the only Admiral of the Spanish Armada. Her husband had been given command of a small fleet by his uncle, the  Governor-General of Peru in 1567. After his return they married and in 1594 Philip II appointed him as governor of the island of San Cristobal in the Solomons, and gave orders to found a colony there. They left for the islands in 1595 and on the way they discovered the Marquesa de Mendoza Islands and another large island which they named Santa Cruz, and resolved to establish the colony there. Some of the crew murdered one of the native chiefs, and a bloody war was begun against the invaders. Afterward there was a mutiny among the troops. These adversities undermined Mendana's health, and he soon died, leaving the government to Isabel. Soon after she and the chief pilot, Quiros resolved to abandon the colony, and she directed her ships to the Philippines.  She held the title “La Amiranta de la Mar Oceana”. 

Circa 1620 Governor Elena de Caso, Dos Ilheus (Brazil - at the time a Portugese Possession)
The Vice-Kingdom of Brazil was a part of the Portuguese Empire. She was followed on the post by Antonio Ribeiro.

1658-59 Governor Marie Bonnard du Parquet of Martinique (French External Territory)
After the death of her husband, governor Jacques Dyel du Parquet (1635-46 and 1647-58), she took action to secure the island for her sons, Jean-Jacques Dyel d'Esnambuc (8 years old) and Louis Dyel du Parquet (5 years). She called an Island Council and got the support of the church. Father Feuillent then embarked on a journey to Paris to secure the succession by the king. At his departure, she was appointed regent for her son, and on 22 July 1658 she presided over a session of the Conseil de la Martinique, during which Gourselas was confirmed as Acting Governor. In August another Council, presided over by Gourselas, deposed her, and she was imprisoned and interrogated by one of the leaders of the revolt, de Plainville. In September the French king named her brother-in-law Adrien Dyel de Vaudroques, joint governor with her until the majority of the boys. In October she was again recognised as the head of the Island Council after a contra-revolution. Leaving the government to Gourselas, she departed for France, but she died at sea.

1712-24 Acting Governor Hannah Callowhill Penn of The Colony of Penn (British Possession/USA)

Her husband was given the lands by the King of England in 1693. In 1712 he was paralyzed and she became acting governor or Proprietor of the colony of Penn. He died in 1718 but his son (her stepson) did not “take power” until 1724. The last of the Penn-family to rule the state of Pennsylvania was deposed in 1776. She lived (1671-1727).  

1804-? Acting Governor Marie Louise Ferrand, Hispanola/Las Isla Espanola (Spanish Possession)
Today the island houses two countries: The Dominican Republic and Haïti. She was probably the wife of Jean Louis Ferrand, who was governor of the islands (1804 –1809). Marie Louise lived (1753-1811).

1967-72 Governor Dr. Dame Hilda Louisa Bynoe, Associated States of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
As Governor she was also Chairperson of the Executive Council. A former doctor and Hospital Administrator she is so far the only woman to have been governor of one of the British Dependencies. She lived (1921-2013)

1964-68 Administrator Ruth Gill Van Cleve of the United Nations Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands [USA]
Director of the Office of the Territories in the United State Department of the Interior which  administered the Pacific Island Territory for the United Nation, which Included The Commonwealth of the Federated States of the Northern Mariana Islands, which remains an US external Territory. 

1969-71 Administrator Elizabeth P. Farrington of the United Nations Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands [USA]
Director of the Office of the Territories in the United State Department of the Interior. 

 1981-86 High Commissioner Janet J. McCoy, The Trust Territories of the Pacific Island
The Territories were administered by the USA for the United Nations 1947-90. McCoy was Director of the Office of Tourism and Visitor Service of California 1967-70,  Involved in a number of election-campaigns – i.a. the “Regan For President” 1976-80. Assistant Secretary of Interior 1988-89. She lived (1916-1995)  

1985-87 Administrator Carolyn Stuart, The Territory of the Cocos (Keelings) Islands (Australian External Territory)  
A civil servant in the Australian Ministry of Territories, but based in the Cocos.

1988-90/93 Administrator Her Honour A. Dawn Lawrie, The Territory of the Cocos (Keelings) Islands (Australian  Territory)

Member of the Assembly of the North West Territories 1974-1983. Her daughter, Delia Lawrie, is Deputy Chief Minister of the Territory from 2009.  (b. 1938-)

  1988-97 Resident Administrator Judy Mortlock, Lord Howe Island (Australian External Territory)
The Lord Howe Island Group, including nearby Balls Pyramid, is administered by the Lord Howe Island Board, and is part of the Mid-North Coast Statistical Division of New South Wales, Australia. It is not considered a Local Government Area and is therefore unincorporated (as is the Unincorporated Far West Region), but is self-governed by the Lord Howe Island Board.

1989- Deputy Secretary Ethel Caroline Yon, St. Helena (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)

On various occasions Acting Chief Secretary, Acting Deputy Governor and in 2006 and 2007 Acting Governor when the incumbent was aboard.

1989-2002 Vice-Governor R.M. de Paula, The Netherlands Antillen (Dutch External Territory)  

1991-92 Governor Matilde Svatetz de Menéndez, Antarctica and the Islands of the South Atlantics (Argentina)
The Province of Tierra del Fuego includes the two outlaying territories.. She wass subsecretary of Social Medicine in Buenos Aires 1988-89, Secretary of Public Health 1989-91 and Director of the National Institute of Social Securities for Pensioners

  1993-94 Regional Director Linda Hodge, Jervis Bay Territory (Australian External Territory)

1992-2002 Chief Executive Gillian Wratt of The Ross Dependency (New Zealand Antarctic Territory)
In charge of the small base and oversaw the re-organization of the New Zealand program through the 1990's and held senior posts inside the Antarctic Treaty System

1993-2001 Chief Secretary Anson Chan, Hong Kong (British Crown Colony and Chinese Special Administrative Region)
As Chief Secretary she was leader of the administration and is principally responsible to the Chief Executive for the formulation of government policies and their implementation, and deputized for the Chief Executive during his absence, (b. 1940-)

1994-96 Government-Delegate Maria del Carmen Cedeira Morterero, Ciudad de Ceuta (Spanish External Territory)  
1983-86 She was Councillor of the City of Cueta, Senator in Spain 1987-89 and MEP since 1999. (b. 1958-)

1995-2002 Lieutenant Governor Hon. Madeleine Zein Bordallo, Guam (USA External Territory)  

First Lady of Guam (as wife of the late Governor Richard J. Bordallo) 1975-78 and 1983-86, Senator 1981-82, 1987-90 and 1991-94 in the later period as Assistant Majority Leader. In 1990 she run for Governor and in 2002 she was elected Delegate to the House of Representatives of USA. (b. 1937-)

1995-2001 Rigsombudsmand Vibeke Larsen, Faero Islands (Danish External Territory)  
Before becoming ríkisumboðsmann or High Commissioner at Færøerne or the Føroyar, she was Assistant Secretary in a Local Government in Denmark. 2001-07 Statsamtmand of Vestsjælland 2005-07 Acting Statsamtmand of the County of Storstrøm. since 2005 Acting Stiftamtmand of the Diocese of Lolland-Falster, from 2006- Director of the State Administration for the Region of Sealand and since 2007 Stiftamtmand of the Diocese of Roskilde. (b. 1944-).

1995-98 Sysselmann Ann-Kristin Olsen, Svalbard (Norwegian External Territory)  
Former Chief of Police somewhere in Norway. Since 1998 she has been Fylkesman (Governor) of Vest-Agder Fylke (County). 

1995-99 District Commissioner Jenny Manderson, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman (Cayman Islands) (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
Permanent Secretary in the Personnel Department, Permanent Secretary of Personnel 1987-95 and 1999-2001. As District Commissioner she was the representative of the Governor of Cayman Islands.

1996-2001.. Administrator Louise Savill, British Ocean Territory (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
Non-resident and based in the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London.

1996-99 Secretary of State Hon. Norma Burgos Andújar, Puerto Rico
As Secretary of State she was Deputy to the Governor, leader of the Government Administration and in charge of Foreign Affairs. Also Secretary of the Planning Board  and first Vice-President of Partido Nuevo Progresista since 1998 and Senator from 2000. 

1997 Acting Administrator Maureen Ellis , The Territory of the Cocos (Keelings) Islands (Australian Territory)  
A civil servant in the Australian Ministry of Territories, but based in the Cocos.

1997 Administrator Merrilyn Ann Chilvers, The Territory of the Christmas Island (Australian Territory)  
A civil servant in the Australian Ministry of Territories, but based in the Christmas Island.

1997-2005 Chief Secretary Hon. Cynthia Astwood, Turk and Caicos Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
2002 Acting Governor
Member of the Executive Council, ranking below the Governor and have acted as such on various occasions when the incumbent was abroad. In 2002 she filled the gap between two governors.

Meralda Elva J. Warren Circa 1997- Representative of the Governor Meralda Warren, Pitcairn Island (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
From 1997 Member of the Legislative Council and also Police Chief and Immigration Officer. The British High Commissioner (Ambassador) to New Zealand is non-resident Governor of the remote and isolated Island. (b. 1959-)

1998-2002 Peridodically Acting Deputy Governor Lorna Smith, British Virgin Islands (External Territory of United Kingdom and Great Britain)
2002 Acting Deputy Governor (05.10-14.10.02)
Acted as Deputy Governor on various occasions, while Elton Georges served as Governor in the absence of Governor Frank Savage (1998-2002). 1986-95 Permanent Secretary to the Chief Minister and later Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works, and later Executive Director of the BVI International Finance Centre. She is married to Opposition leader the Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith.

1998-2000 Administrator-Superieur Brigitte Girardin, French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French External Territory)
She was administrator of the Terres Australes et Antarctique Francaises  25.3.1998-27.1.2000, Technical Advisor of the President of France in Charge of Arctic Affairs 2002-2002, Minister of Oversea's Affairs 2002-05 and from 2005 Minister-Delegate of Cooperation, Development and the Francophonie. (b. 1953-)

1999- Deputy to the Chief Executive  Florinda de Rosa Silva Chan, Macao (Chinese Special Administrative Region)
Secretary of Administration and Justice

1999-2002 Deputy Administrator Deb Blaskett, The Territory of the Cocos (Keelings) Islands (Australian territory)
Since 1999 the administrator of Christmas Island is also in charge of Cocos Islands, represented by the Deputy Administrator.

2000-01 Intendent Josefina Bilbao Mendoza, Easter Island (Chilean Territory)
1994-2000 Minister of Women's Affairs. As Regional Intendent of Region V  of Valparadíso she is also in charge of  Easter Island (b. 1936-)

2000-02 Intendent Nelda Panicucci Bianchi, Antártica Chilena (Chilean Territory)

Ministerial Director before becoming Intendent of the Region XII  of Magallanes and Antártica Chilena. (b. 1951-)

2001-05 Governor Sila Maria Calderón Serra, Estado Libre Asociado de  Puerto Rico (USA)
Chief of Staff of the Governor 1985, 1986-90 Secretary of Interior, 1988-90 Secretary of State and Deputy to the Governor and 1996-2001 Mayor of San Juan (The Capital). Since 1999 she has been President of Partido Popular Democrático. She did not seek re-election. (b. 1942-)

2001-05 Rigsombudsmand Birgit Kleis, The Faero Islands (Danish External Territory)
Before becoming ríkisumboðsmann or High Commissioner Færøerne or the Føroyar she was Chef de Bureau in the Danish Ministry of Justice (b. 1956-).

2002-10 Vice-Governor mr. A.P. van der Pluijm-Vrede, The Netherlands Antillen
13 Vice-Governor of Curaçao
13 Acting Governor of Curaçao (24.11-04.11)
2013- 1. Vice-Governor of Curaçao
 (Self governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Adèle van der Pluijm is a lawyer and member of a member of board of directors of private companies. September to November 2012 she was acting for most of the time during the Governors illness and after his resignation, she took over as permanent acting governor. (b. 1953-)

Until 2002 Deputy Governor Karen Wolstenholme, Pitcairn (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
Posted in the British High Commission (Embassy) in New Zealand

2003-05 High Commissioner Hon. Sandra Lee, Niue (Free Association with New Zealand)
Active in Poutin Ngai Tahu tribal affairs, 1989 Council Chairperson of Waiheke County Council, 1991 President of the Mana Motuhake Party and 1994-2001 its leader. Co-Deputy Leader 1991-94, Leader 1994-95 and Deputy leader of the Alliance 1996-2001. 1999-2002 Minister of Conservation and Minister of Local Government, Associate Minister of Maori Affairs and Associate  Minister for the Biodiversity Strategy. Sandra Rose Te Hakamatua Lee is (b. 1952-). 

2003-07 Deputy Governor and First Secretary Harriet Hall, The Falkland Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
2003-07 Assistant Commissioner to the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
2006 Acting Governor of the The Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands  (05.08-25.08)
2007-09 Chief Executive of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (British Overseas Territory)
Also Director of Fisheries, she formerly worked in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands are both uninhabited. She Acted during the interregnum between two Governors, and was appointed Chief Executive of the territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean, working from the Falklands in July 2007.

2003-04 Magistrate Vicky Auld, South Georgia (British Artic Territory)
As Commander of the British Antarctic Survey Base at King Edward Point, she was the senior most British official actually present at the Island. Base Commander of Bird Island from 2004.

2004-07 Governor Deborah Barnes-Jones, Montserrat (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
The governor is Member of the Executive Council with responsibility for Internal Security, External Affairs, Defence and Offshore Finance and Head of the Public Service. The Ambassador to Georgia 2001-03, Deborah Elizabeth Vavasseur Barnes Jones has been working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since 1980 and among others been 1. Secretary in Israel and Vice-Ambassador in Ecuador. She is the mother of twin daughters (b. 1991) and  (b. 1956-).

2004 Acting Administrator Anne Green, Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom) (06.03-26.05)
1988-91 and 2003-06 Chief Islander. As Acting Administrator she was the representative of the British Governor of St. Helena. In 2003 she acted in the absence of the Administrator and in 2004 in the interim between 2 administrators. Appointed Member of the Island Council. Her brother, James Glass, was Chief Islander from 1991. Married to Joseph Green. Photo: © J. Brock (Tristan Times) 

2004 Acting Deputy Governor Lisa E. Penn-Lettsome, British Virgin Islands (External Territory of United Kingdom and Great Britain) (January-September)

Permanent Secretary for Administration until her retirement in 2004.

2004-07 Deputy Governor Dancia Penn, British Virgin Islands (External Territory of United Kingdom and Great Britain)
2006 Acting Governor (10-18.04)

1992-99 Attorney-General and ex-officio member of the Legislative Council. Acting governor on different occations, but in 2006 she acted in the interim between two governors. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Social Development 2007-11. (b. 1951-).

Alison Dean 2004-06 Magistrate Alison Dean, South Georgia Island (British Artic Territory)
Second female commander of the Island.

2005-08 High Commissioner Anne Boquet, French Polynesia (French External Territory)

1989-90 Sous-Prefet of Loir-et-Cher, 1993-96 Secretary General of Polynésie Française (Deputy High Commissioner), 1996-2000 Sous-prefect of Oise and 2000-02 Prefect of Indre. Also civil servant in various ministries, latest as Director in the Ministry of Overseas Affairs. Prefect of Yvelines near Paris from 2008.(b. 1952-).

2005 Acting Deputy Governor and Chief Secretary Dr. Corinda Essex, St. Helena (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom) (12.06-July)
Director of the D&EPD and acted in the absence of the Deputy Chief Secretary after the incumbent left his post.

2005-06 Chief Secretary Mahala Wynns, Turk and Caicos Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
2005 Acting Governor (21.06-11.07)
2006-09 Deputy Governor
2008 Acting Governor (16.07-05.08)
Acting Governor in two periods until a new governor was inagurated after his predecessor left.  As Chief Secretary she was member of the Executive Committee and from 2009 she is member of the Advisory Council - the Executive that took charge after the British authorities supended the constution and the Governor took over the executive powers after a report showed widespread corruption.

2006-10 Intendent Eugenia Mancilla, Antártica Chilena (Chile External)
She is in charge of the 12th region which coveres both Magallanes and la Antártica Chilena

2006-07 Governor Bélgica Arizmendy Carilao, Antártica Chilena  (Chile External)
Within the 12th regon she is in charge of the Chiliean Antarctica.

2006-10 Governor Melania Carolina Hotus Hey, Isla de Pascua  (Chile External)
Within the 12th regon she is in charge of the Easter Islands.

2006-08 Administrator Jane Rumble, British Antarctic Territory (UK External Territory)
2008-  Deputy Commissioner of the British Antarctic Territory, the British Indian Ocean Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
As Head of the Polar Regions Unit in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office she was non-resident Administrator of the British part of the Antartic, and afterwards became Deputy to the High Commissioner of the merged administration of the territories.

2007-11 Administrator Joanne Yeadon, British Indian Ocean Territory (UK External Territory)
As Administrator she was Deputy to the Commissioner of the mainly ocean territory, which houses about 4.000 UK and US military and contract personnell at military bases.

2008- Deputy Governor Inez Archibald, British Virgin Island (External Territory of the United Kingdom)
and 2014 Acting Governor (7-20 and 1-15 August)

Vivian Inez Archibald has been a member and Chairperson of the BVI Public Service Commission, the BVI Judicial and Legal Services Commission, the BVI Income Tax Appeal Board and the Family Support Network and Speaker of the Legislative Council 2003-07. Twice Acting Governor from the former holder of the office left the island and until the new Governor arrived. (b. 1945-)

2008-09 Magistrate Mairi Macleod, South Georgia (UK External Territory)
As Commander of the British Antarctic Survey Base at King Edward Point, she was the senior most British official actually present at the Island

2009- Magistrate Alison Massey, South Georgia (UK External Territory)
Fourth female commander on the island.

2009- Director Lyn Maddock, The Australian Antarctic Division and Administrator of the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Australia)
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is a division of the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA). The islands are a territory (Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands) of Australia administered from Hobart by the Australian Antarctic Division of the Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

2008-09 New Zealand Acting High Commissioner Sophie Vickers, Cook Islands
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from August until January the following year after the death of her predecessor.

2008-09 Acting Administrator Sheryl Klaffer, Cocos Islands and Christmas Island (Australian External Territories)

2009-10 New Zealand Acting High Commissioner Nicola Ngawati, Cook Islands
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from November until November the following year after the death of her predecessor.

2007-13 Deputy Governor Lesley Pallett, Gibraltar (UK External Territory)
Acting Governor
(21-26. October)
Acted from the former governor departed until his successor was sworn in. Head of Drugs and International Crime Department, and has been Director of European Policy, Immigration and Nationality in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

2010-11 New Zealand High Commissioner Linda Te Puni, Cook Islands
A career diplomat she was acting representative from March until her permanent appointment in June. Consulate-General to New Caledonia from 2011.

2010-11 Intendent Liliana Kusanovic, Antártica Chilena (Chile)

An academic before becoming Intendent of the Región de Magallanes y de la Antártica Chilena

2010- Non-Resident Governor Vicky Treadell of the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands (Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom)
Deputy High Commissioner to India 2005-09 and High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa from 2010. (b. 1959-).

2010- Governor Carmen Cardinali Paoa, Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)
A native of the island, she worked as a professor in Santiago de Chile. (b. 1944-).

2010-13 Deputy High Commissioner Joanna Kempkers, Cook Islands (New Zealand Self-Governing Territory)
2013- High Commissioner
Also Deputy Ambassador to Fiji and Ambassador from 2013.

2011 Acting Governor Sarita Francis, Montserrat (UK External Territory) (3. March-8. April)
Civil Servant from 1972, Chief Establishment Officer (CEO) / Head of Service since 2007 and Deputy Governor 2009-12.

2011- High Commissioner Mikaela Engell, Greenland (Danish External Territory)
Before her appointment as Rigsombudsmand i Grønland, she worked in the Greenland Home Rule administration since 1995 as Director of Foreign Affairs (Udenrigsdirektør) 2001-05 and Chief Advisor for Greenland and Arctic Affairs in the Danish Foreign Ministry. (b. 1956-)

2012-14 Governor Lydia A. Emerencia, Bonaire (The Netherlands)
Former Director of the Center for Research and Development at the University of Aruba. The island became a municipality - a special body - within the Netherlands in 2010. (b.1954-)

2012- Deputy Governor Anya Williams, Turks and Caicos (British External Territory)
2013 Acting Governor
Former Permanent Secretary of Finance. As Deputy Governor she is a non-voting member of Cabinet, Head of the public service and chair of the Permanent Secretaries’ committee. Acted in the vacancy between two governors.

2013-15 High Commissioner Joanna Kemkers, Cook Islands (New Zealand Self-Governing Territory)
Deputy High Commissioner and Ambassador to Fiji 2012-13 and Ambassador to Fiji from 2013.

2013- Prefect of Marcelle Pierrot, Guadelupe  (French Overseas Territory)
1993-95 Sous-préfète  of Lunéville, 2000-03 Sous-préfèt d’Arles, 2006-07 Delegate Prefect in charge of Equality by the Prefect of the Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur,  2007-09 Prefect of Lot, 2009-11 of Tarn and 2011-13 of of Vosges. Held a number of other administrative posts. (b. 1949-)

2013- Governor Christina Scott, Anguilla (British External Territory)
Private Secretary to the Prime Minister 2006-09 and Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat at the Cabinet Office 2009-13. 

2013- Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Cayman Islands (British External Territory)
Former Deputy Chief Executive of the West Sussex County Council and Acting Home Office Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer 2012-13

2013- Deputy Governor Alison MacMillan, Gibraltar (UK External Territory)
2013 Acting Governor
2015- Acting Governor
Assistant Deputy Governor of Gibraltar 2007-10 and Deputy Director of Protocol & Assistant Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps in London 2010-13.

2013- Governor Lucille A. George-Wout, Curaçao (Self governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Former Commissioner of Finance of Curaçao, Minister of Interior, Labour and Social Affairs 1999-2001 and Chairperson of the Staten of the Nederlandse Antillen 1994-98. (b. 1950-)

2013- 2. Vice-Governor Nolda Römer-Kenepa, Curaçao  (Self governing part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Head of the National Archives of the Netherlands and of Curaçao. Her title is Tweede waarnemend gouverneur (b. 1950-).

2014 Acting Governor Sandra Tyler-Haywood, Falkland Islands (UK External Territory)
Former Ambassador to Eritrea, and from 2012 First Secretary and Head of the Office of the Governor of the Falkland Islands

2014- Administrator-Superieur Cécile Pozzo di Borgo, French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French External Territory),

Prefect of l'Aveyon 2011-14 before becoming Administratrice supérieure des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises from 2014.

2015- Governor Rosana Bertone, Antarctica and the Islands of the South Atlantics (Argentina)
The Province of Tierra del Fuego includes the two outlaying territories. She was MP 2003-13 and Senator 2013-15. (b. 1972-)

2015- Governor Elizabeth Carriere, Montserrat
Assistant Deputy Minister of Hereritage and Recreation in Manitoba, Canada. Held other senior positions and joined the British Ministry of International Development in 1999. (b. ca. 1955-)

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