Female Governors of British Overseas Territories

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1967-72 Governor Dr. Dame Hilda Louisa Bynoe, Associated States of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique
As Governor she was also Chairperson of the Executive Council. A former doctor and Hospital Administrator she is so far the only woman to have been governor of one of the British Dependencies. She lived (1921-2013)

2002 Acting Governor Cynthia Astwood, Turk and Caicos Islands
As Chief Secretary 1997-2005, she was member of the Executive Council, ranking below the Governor and have acted as such on various occasions when the incumbent was abroad. In 2002 she filled the gap between two governors.

2004-07 Governor Deborah Barnes-Jones, Montserrat
The governor is Member of the Executive Council with responsibility for Internal Security, External Affairs, Defence and Offshore Finance and Head of the Public Service. The Ambassador to Georgia 2001-03, Deborah Elizabeth Vavasseur Barnes Jones has been working in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office since 1980 and among others been 1. Secretary in Israel and Vice-Ambassador in Ecuador. She is the mother of twin daughters (b. 1991) and  (b. 1956-).

2006 Acting Governor Harriet Hall, The Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
She was Deputy Governor and First Secretary and acted during the interregnum between two Governors. Also Assistant Commissioner to the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands 2003-07, and was appointed Chief Executive of the territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean, working from the Falklands in July 2007.

2006 Acting Governor Dancia Penn, British Virgin Islands

1992-99 Attorney-General and ex-officio member of the Legislative Council. As Deputy Governor 2004-07, she acted as governor on different occations, but in 2006 she acted in the interim between two governors. Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Social Development 2007-11. (b. 1951-).

2005 and 2008 Acting Governor Mahala Wynns, Turk and Caicos Islands
As Chief Secretary 2005-06 and Deputy Governor 2006-09, she was Acting Governor on two occations until a new governor was inagurated after his predecessor left.  

2009 Acting Governor Lesley Pallett, Gibraltar
As Deputy Governor 2007-13, she acted from the former governor departed until his successor was sworn in. Head of Drugs and International Crime Department, and has been Director of European Policy, Immigration and Nationality in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

2010- Non-Resident Governor Vicky Treadell of the Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands
Deputy High Commissioner to India 2005-09 and High Commissioner to New Zealand and Samoa from 2010. (b. 1959-).

2010 Acting Governor Inez Archibald, British Virgin Island

VSpeaker of the Legislative Council 2003-07 and Deputy Governor from 2008. She was. Acting Governor from the former holder of the office left the island and until the new Governor arrived. (b. 1945-)

2011 Acting Governor Sarita Francis, Montserrat
Civil Servant from 1972, Chief Establishment Officer (CEO) / Head of Service since 2007 and Deputy Governor 2009-12.

2013- Governor Christina Scott, Anguilla
Private Secretary to the Prime Minister 2006-09 and Director of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat at the Cabinet Office 2009-13. 

2013- Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Cayman Islands
Former Deputy Chief Executive of the West Sussex County Council and Acting Home Office Permanent Secretary and Accounting Officer 2012-13.

2013 and 2016 Acting Governor Anya Williams, Turks and Caicos
Former Permanent Secretary of Finance. As Deputy Governor since 2012 she is a non-voting member of Cabinet, Head of the public service and chair of the Permanent Secretaries’ committee. Acted twice in the vacancy between two governors and whenever the governor is abroad.

2013 and 2015-16 Acting Governor Alison MacMillan , Gibraltar
Assistant Deputy Governor of Gibraltar 2007-10, Deputy Director of Protocol & Assistant Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps in London 2010-13 and Deputy Governor from 2013.

2014 Acting Governor Sandra Tyler-Haywood, Falkland Islands
Former Ambassador to Eritrea, and from 2012 First Secretary and Head of the Office of the Governor of the Falkland Islands

2015- Governor Elizabeth Carriere, Montserrat
Assistant Deputy Minister of Hereritage and Recreation in Manitoba, Canada. Held other senior positions and joined the British Ministry of International Development in 1999. (b. ca. 1955-)

2016- Governor Lisa Phillips, Saint Helena, Ascensions and Tristan da Cunha
Assistant Deputy Minister of Hereritage and Recreation in Manitoba, Canada. Held other senior positions and joined the British Ministry of International Development in 1999. (b. ca. 1955-)

2016 Acting Governor Ginny Ferguson, Bermuda (2.8-5.12)
Different diplomatic postings before becoming British First Secretary and Consul-General in Auckland, New Zealand and concurrently Deputy Governor of Pitcairn 2007-12 and afterwards Deputy Governor of Bermuda from 2012.

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