Female Governors 1920-90

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership


This is a list of female governors both of federal territories and unitarian states. This means that some of the governors listed are the actual leaders of the states, other are official representatives of the central power with no executive roles.

1921 Representative of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Praskovia Gedymin-Tiudesheva, Irkutsk (Sibiria in Russia) (USSR)

Later she was Representative in Ulan Ude. She lived (1883-1975)

1924 Acting Governor Soledad Chávez Chacon, New Mexico (USA)

Secretary of State 1922-27 and acted as the Chief Executive of the state June-July 1924 when the Governor was out of the state. Together with Isabel Eckles, who was elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, also in 1922, she was the first woman to hold statewide office in New Mexico.

1925-27 Governor Nellie Tayloe Ross, Wyoming (USA)

1929-33 Vice-Chairperson of the National Democratic Comittee,1933-43 Director of US Mint. Her husband, William Bradford Ross was governor of the state from 1922 until his death in 1924. She lived (1876-1977)

1925-27 and 1933-35 Governor (Ma) Miriam Amanda Wallace Ferguson, Texas (USA)
Her husband, James E. Ferguson, was governor of Texas 1914-17, but was impeached and removed from office. When he was barred from running again in 1924 she became candidate instead. Defeated in the 1926 and 1930 Democratic primaries, she was succesful in 1932. Candidate again in 1940. She lived (1875-1961)

1937-38 Governor Julia Álvarez Resano, Murcia (Spain)
1938 Designate Governor of Ciudad Real

Socialist Deputy 1936-37, went into exile in Mexico after the Civil War, and lived (1903-48).

1939 Government Delegate Federica Montseny Mañe, Barcelona (Spain)
1936-37 Minister of Health and Social Assistance, 1939-77 exile in France. She lived (1905-94)

1947-49 Governor Sarojini Chattopadhyaya Naidu, Uttar Pradesh (India)
A famous poet and leading member of the Congress. Lived (1879-1949)

1950-1951 Intendent Inés Leonor Enríquez Frodden, Provincia de Concepción (Chile)

MP 1949-1953 and 1957-69. She lived (1913-98)

1954-56 Governor Josefina Valencia de Hubach, Cauca (Colombia)
1956-57 Minister of Education and later Ambassador to UNESCO. She lived (1913-91)

1956-57 Governor Padmaja Naidu Mukherjee, West Bengal (India)
Daughter of Sarojini Naidu and active in the Quit India movement from 1942. She lived (1900-75)

1955 and 1960-63 Governor Guadalupe Carreon Adaza, Zamboanga del Norte (Phillipines)
Provincial Board Member 1937-45, appoionted Interim Governor, when the incumbent was suspended for 3 months in 1955, Vice-Governor 1959-60 and took over as governor when the governor-elect chose to remain member of the Congress.

1960-63 Lord-Lieutenant and Lord Provost Dame Jean Roberts,  Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Member of the City Council from 1929-65 and became City Treasurer and Leader of the Labour Group and was Chair of Cumbernauld Development Corporation 1965-72. She lived (1895-1988).

1962-63 Governor Corazon Manzano-Espino, Nueva Vizcaya  (Philippines)
Appointed to the post, and is still a member of the Gaddang tribe and Commissioner for Region II.

1963-ca. 1990 Custos Rotulorum Muriel Carnegie, Westmoreland (Jamaica)
As custos rotulorum sh was representative of the Governor General and Chief Magistrate of the Parish. She lived (1920-2015)

1963-64 Governor Vijaya Lakshimi Pandit, Maharastra (India)
Sister of Premier Pandit Nehru. Also ambassador and President of the UN General Assembly. Lived (1900-90)

1964-66 Acting Governor Belen Farbos-Calderon, Nueva Vizcaya  (The Philippines)
As Vice-Governor from 1963 she finished the term of her predecessor. She was professor of history and psychology at Far Eastern University where she was a 1953-60, and later became the first woman member of the Manila Stock Exchange from 1967 to 1983. (d. 1983).

1964-1980 and 1987 Governor Teresa J. Dupaya, Cagayan (The Philippines)
1964 she was elected and 1987 appointed and held office from March to November. Married to Congressman Tito Dupaya.

1964-? Governor Adela Serra-Ty, Surigao del Sur (The Philippines)
Mother of 7, she was married to a Chinese businessman.

1965 Governor Sofia Leonor Sanchez Baret, Sanchez Ramirez (Dominican Republic)
MP 1978-82 and from 1998. 1982-84 Superintendent of Securities and 1984-86 of Banks. (b. 1930-)

1966-71 All provincial governors were female (Dominican Republic)

1966-68 Governor Alina Muños de Zambrano, Cava (Colombia)

Alina Muñoz Ayerbe was MP at some point and later Secretary General of the National Party, Secretary of the Council of Bogotá in 1977, she lived  (1917-92)

1967-68 and 1971 Acting President Valentina A. Klochkova, Belarus (USSR)
Acting during a vacancy on the post of President.

1966-86 Governor Consuelo V. Calo, Agusan del Norte (The Philippines)         
Vice-Governor 1963-66, she took over from the previous governor, Jose Aquino, who resigned to run for Congress. Elected to the post the following year, and held the position through the martial law years.

1967-68 Governor Lurleen Burns Wallace, Alabama (USA)
Her husband, Georges Wallace was constitutionally barred from re-election. She got cancer and died in office. Lived (1926-68).

1968-70 Intendent Lella Kostner Rojas, Region VII de Maule (Chile)
Her full name is Lella Maria Elena. Another woman was possibly appointed Intendent in 1970. (b. 1925-)

1970-72 Governor Matilde Marín Chinchilla de Soto, San José (Costa Rica)
University lecturer, the first female Municipal Executive of San José, MP 1966-70 and 1982-88, and lived (1931-88).

1970-74 Governor Mercedes Grillo Enríquez de Angula, Puntarenas (Costa Rica)
Her daughter, Patricia Angulo, later became governor of the province. She lived (1948-2011)

1970-77 District Commissioner Elmira Minita Gordon, District of Belize
Governor-General of the Country 1981-93 and was knighted with the title of Dame.

1970-73 Commissioner Ellen A. Sandimanie, Commonwealth District of Monrovia (Liberia)

Also Mayor of the capital

1971-? Governor Princess Tarhata Alonto-Lucman, Lanao del Sur (The Philippines)
A member of one of the royal families of Maranao, she fought the Martial Rule of the deposed President Marcos.

1971-83 Governor Elizabeth Marcos-Keon, Ilocos Norte (The Philippines)
Sister of President Ferdinand Marcos and mother of a number of the later governors.

1972-77 Governor Sylvi Siltanen, Åbo and Björnborgs Län/Turunja Porin Lääni  (Finland)
Former MP

1972-75 Governor Catherine Nzuzi wa Mbombo, Bas-Congo  (Congo-Kinshasa (Zaïre))
1986-8? Governor of Kinshasa
Minister of Solidarity and Humanitarian Affairs from 2003 and Presidential candidate in 2006. (b. 1944-).

1973-76 Governor Begum Ra'ana Liquat Ali Khan, Sindh (Pakistan)

Widow of Prime Minister Liquat Ali Khan who was murdered 1951. She was ambassador to the Netherlands 1954-56 (where she also served as Doyenne as the Diplomatic Corps) to Tunisia 1961-64 and Italy 1961-66 and also Delegate to the United Nations. Born as Ra'ana Pant, she lived (1905-90) [Perhaps governor 1973-76].

1974-80  Lieutenant  Governor Pauline E.  Mills McGibbon, Ontario (Canada)
Involved in community work and University Chancellor. She lived (1910-2001)

1974-84 Commissaris van de Konigin A.P. Schilthuis, Drenthe, (The Netherlands)

Tineke was Party Secretary of the Social Democratic Party 1969-71 and later Member of the Council of State. As Commissioner of the Queen she was both Chairperson of the Provincial States (Council) and Head of the Executive of elected members. (b. 1921-).

1974-83 Fylkesman Ebba Lodden, Aust-Agder Fylke (Norway)
She lived (1913-97).

1974-92 Landshövding Camilla Odhnoff, Blekinge (Sweden)

1967-73 Minister without Portfolio of Family Affairs. She lived (1928-2013)

1974-? Governor Victoria Bourchard de Castellòn, Francisco Morazán (Honduras)

At a not known time Leyla Mejia de Rivera was Governor of the province.

1974-77 og 1992-94 Governor Pilar Villegas de Hoyos, Caldas (Colombia)
Her son, Juan Martín Hoyos Villegas, was named Acting Governor in 2013.

1974-75 Governor Fidelina Villamizar de Pérez, Norte de Santander (Colombia)

According to a source 6 of 22 governors were women in 1974.

1975-77 Governor María Carmenza Arenas Abello, Norte de Santander (Colombia)


1975-80 Governor Ella Tambussi Grasso, Connecticut (USA)

Member of the State General Assembly 1952-58, Secretary of State 1959-71 and Member of the US congress 1971-74, Resigned as governor because of illness and lived (1919-81)

1975-83 Regional Commissioner Anna Msekwa Abdallah, Morogoro (Tanzania)
1983-88 Regional Commissioner, Dodoma

In 1973-75 she was District Commissioner of Magu, 1988-90 Minister of State by the Prime Minister, 1990-92 Minister of Agriculture, 1992-95 Minister of State of Regional Administration and Local Government, 1995-2000 Minister of Works and Labour and from 2000 Minister of Health.

1975-77 Governor Dori Parra de Orellana, Lara (Venezuela)
Former councilwoman and parliamentarian. She lived (1925-2007)

1975-95  Lord-Lieutenant The Duchess of Norfolk, West Sussex (United Kingdom of Great Britain)
Lavinia Mary Fitzalan-Howard, née Strutt, was also a steward at Goodwood, and followed her husband, the Duke of Norfolk on the post. 1990 she was the first non-royal Lady Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the most exalted and the oldest order of chivalry since 1488. She lived (1916-95)

1976-77 Acting President Zinaida Mikhaylovna Bychkovskaya, Belarus (USSR)
Zinaida Mikhailovna was in office during a vacency at the post of Head of State and Parliament

1976-88 Governor Imelda Ramáuldez Marcos, Manilla Metropolitan Area (The Philippines)
1978-84 Secretary of Resettlement, 1978-83 Secretary of Ecology and 1982-84 Member of Executive Council of Cabinet, 1987-1993 Leader New Society Movement Party, 1992 and 1998 Presidential Candidate. Married to President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled as a dictator for many years until 1987. (b. 1927-)

1976-80 Governor Juanita Lumanlan Nepomuceno, Pampanga (The Philippines)
Member of the House of Representatives in 1962-1969 and 1984-1986.

1976 Governor Lucelly Garcia de Montoya, Quindio (Colombia)
1994 she was killed by highway-robbers on the way to Honduras where she was ambassador

1976-79 Voivode Zofia Grzebisz-Nowicka, Siedleckie (Poland)
Elected as deputy in Sejm from Democratic Left Alliance and 2001 and as a Member of the European Parliament in 2004. First female Voivode in the history of Poland. (b. 1938-).

1977-81 Governor Dixy Lee Ray, Washington State (USA)
1975 Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans, International Environment and Scientific Affairs. She lived (1914-94)

1977-83 Governor Jyoti Venkatachalam, Kerala (India)
Minister of Pohibition and Women's Welfare in the Cabinet of Madras (Tamil Nadu) 1953-54 and Minister of Health 1962-63, Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly 1962-77. (b. 1917-).

1977 Governor Sharada Mukherjee, Andra Pradesh
1978-84 Governor of Gujarat (India)
Former member of the Lokh Sabha. (b. 1919-).

1977-82 Landshövding Astrid Kristensson, Kroneberg  (Sweden)
1970 1st. Vice Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group of the Labour Party, 1971-73 3rd. Vice Chairperson of the Group and 1974-76 3rd. Deputy Parliamentary Leader. She lived (1917-2000).

1977-85  Lord-Lieutenant The Baroness Philips, Greater London  (United Kingdom of Great Britain)
1965-70 Baroness-in-Waiting (Whip) as the first female government whip in the House of Lords, Norah Philips was created Baroness Philips, of Fulham in 1964. She lived (1910-92)

1977-? Governor Hildaura López, Autonomous Territory of Kuna Yala (Panama)

Head of the Indian comarca or Automomous Territory

1978 Governor Olma Inés Beltrán de Mejía, Quindi (Colombia)

Became Mayor of Calará in 1987.

1978-81 Amtmand Bodil Norup Panild, County of Vestsjælland (Denmark)
1981-2001 Statsamtmand of Vestsjælland Statsamt
The Amtmand is the representative of the state and overseas the local administration, but has no executive functions. Bodil Panild was civil servant in the County of Viborg 1972-78 and was married to former Judge in the Supreme Court, Henning Funch Jensen. She lived (1934-2003).

1978-2000 Connétable Iris Medora Le Fevre, St. Lawrence (Jersey, Channel Island)

Circa 1989-ca.98 President of the Education Committee. Continued as Methodist preacher and to be involved in community affairs. 

1978-82 Governor N.N., Limón (Costa Rica)

The only female governor of 9.

1979-85 Governor Griselda Álvarez Ponce de León, Colima (Mexico)
Daughter of Manuel Álvarez, who was the first governor of the province 1919-23, she was Senadora for Jalisco 1977-79, she is a well known intellectual and poet. She lived (1913-2009).

1979-84 Governor Dora Maldonado Mancera de Falcon, Trujillo (Venezuela)
Worked in the Provincial Government since 1966. (b. 1936-).

1979-87 (†)  Lord-Lieutenant The Duchess of Westminster, County Fermanagh  (United Kingdom)

Hon. Viola Maud Lyttelton served in the Women's corps 1939-46, and President of various organisations in Northern Ireland. She was married to Robert Grosvenor, who succeeded his brother as the 5th Duke of WestMinister in 1967. Mother of one son and three daughters. She died in a car accident, and lived (1912-87)

1980-81 Governor Amparo Lucía Vega Montoya, Fenalco Risaralda,  (Colombia)
Vice-Minister of Development 1982-83 and later Senator until 2003.

  1980-85 Governor Natalia F. Dumlao, Nueva Vizcaya  (Philippines)
Circa 1995-98 Vice-Governor

1980-89 Landshövding Elvy Olsson, Örebro (Sweden)
MP for the Center Party 1964-80, Minister of Housing 1976-78 (b. 1923-)

1980-83 Prefect Yvette Chassange, Loir-et-Cher (France)
Mayor of Cour des comptes 1979-80, and held a number of other administrative posts in the government. She lived (1922-2007).

1980-83 Sýslumaður Hjördís Björk Hákonarsdóttir, Stranda Sýslu (Iceland)
The Syslumadur acts both Governor and Chief of Police. Hjördís Björk Hákonarsdóttir has been judge since 1983. (b. 1944-) 

1980-83 Civil Governor Mariana Santos Calhau Perdigão, Évora (Portugal)

The first female governor in Portugal. MP from 1983. She lived (1930-2005).

1981-86  Lieutenant  Governor Pearl McGonigal, Manitoba (Canada)
1969 City Councillor of St. James-Assiniboia, 1971-81 Deputy Mayor of Greater Winnipeg City and member of innumerable boards and community organizations trough the years. (b. 1929-)

1981-87 Governor Gu Xiuliam, Jiangsu (China)
Later Minister in the Central Government.

1981 Acting Governor Carmen García Vargas, Cesar (Colombia)


1982-83 Acting Governor Vesta M. Roy, New Hampshire (USA)
Elected President of the Senate and immediately became acting governor since the predecessor had been hospitalized and later died. She acted as interim governor for a week until the newly elected governor was sworn in and afterwards continued as state senator. She lived (1925-2002).

1982-ca.86 Governor  Doris Vargas de Rosas, Province of Panamá (Panama)
Later she practioned as lawyer.

1982-84 Governor Doris Eder de Zambrano, Valle del Cauca (Colombia)

Vice-Minister of Ecuation 1974-77 Minister of Education 1984-85. (b. 1933-).

1982-84 Intendent Luz Marina González Valcárcel, Casanare  (Colombia)


1982-83 Governor Margarita Silva de Uribe, Norte de Santander (Colombia)

Later mayor.

1982-87 Civil Governor Rosa de Lima Manzano Gete, Palencia (Spain)
Appointed Director General of Traffic 1987-88 until she died in a helicoper crash. She lived (1949-88).

1982-85 Prefect Maria Arseni, Pireaus (Greece)
Dean of the Parliament 1990-93 and deputy Minister 1993-96.

1982-87 Prefect Elissavet Papazoi, The Cyclades (Greece)

In 1987-89 Ambassador to Cuba, 1993-96 Deputy Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works, 1996-99 Minister of the Aegean Sea and from 1999 Minister of Culture. (b. 1944-)

1982-91  Fylkesmann Kristin Kverneland Lønningdal, Rogaland Fylke (Norway)
1963-73 Deputy Mayor of Stavanger and Member of the Storting 1973-81. She lived (1923-2010)

1982-86 Governor María Luis Portuguez, Cartago (Costa Rica)
At some point she was candidate for the National Assembly.

1982-86 Governor N.N, Puntarenas (Costa Rica)

1982-86 Governor N.N, Limón (Costa Rica)

1983-87 Governor Martha Layne Collins, Kentucky (USA)
Lt. Governor 1979-83. (b. 1936-)

1983-93 Governor Lucia de Miraglis, Portugesa (Venezuela)

1983-93 Governor Luzia Teresa de Chaón, Tachira (Venezuela)

1983-94  Fylkesman Signe Stray Ryssdal, Aust-Agder Fylke (Norway)
1973-83 Councillor of Social Affairs (Socialrådmand) in Oslo. She had her own practice as High Court Attorney (b. 1924-)

1983-88 Landshövding Britt Mogård, Kroneberg (Sweden)
1976-78 Minister of Schools in the Ministry of Education and Culture and 1979-81 Minister of Schools. She lived (1922-2012).

1983-84 Head of the Commission of Lieutenancy and Lord Mayor Dame Mary Donaldson, The City of London (United Kingdom)
The City of London is unique in that the post of  Lord-Lieutenant is held in commission. She was the first female member of London's Court of Common Council from 1966, the first female City Alderman from 1975, and first woman City Sheriff  from 1981. She was married to John Francis Donaldson, Baron Donaldson of Lymington, senior judge and Master of the Rolls (1982-92), and lived (1921-2003).

1984-91 Governor Madeleine May Kunin, Vermont (USA)
Lieutenant Governor and President of the Senate 1979-83. Federal Deputy Secretary of Education 1993-97 and Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein 1997-99. (b. 1933-) 

1984-.. Prefect Hélène Blanc, Cantal (France)
Until 1989 Prefect of l'Orne
1989-91 Prefect of Sarthe
1991-? Prefect of Haut-Rhin
Sous-prefect of Chalon-sur-Saône 1979-84. (b. 1929-).

1985-91 Lieutenant  Governor W. Helen Hunley, Alberta (Canada)

1943-45 Lieutenant of the Canadian Women's Army,  Mayor of Rocky Mountain House 1966-71, member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta 1971-79, Minister without Portfolio responsible for the Health Care Commission 1971-73, Solicitor General 1973-75, m Minister of Social Services and Community Health 1975-79. She lived (1920-2010).

1985-90 Governor Kumudben Joshi, Andra Pradesh  (India)

1980-82 Deputy Minister of Information and Broardcasting and 1982-84 Deputy Minister of Health and Family Welfare. Later Chairperson of the Election Commission.

1985-99 Governor Pirrko Anikki Työläjärvi, Turku-Åbo Län/Turunja Porin Lääni (Finland)
1975-76 Second Minister of Health and Social Affairs, 
1977-79 Minister of Health and Social Affairs, 1977-82 Minister of Nordic Co-operation, 1979-81 Second Minister of Finance (Taxation), 1981-82 Minister of Trade and Industry, 982-85 Vice-Speaker of the Riksdag/Edskunan, 1982-83 Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee. (b. 1938- )

1985-? Governor Edna Kieffer de Alfonso, Atlántida (Honduras)


1985-86 Prefect Anna Diamantopoulou, Kastoria
In 1987-88 Secretary General of Adult Education, 1988-89 of Youth and 1994-96 of Industry, 1996-99 MP,  1996-98 Undersecretary of Development, 1998-99 Deputy Minister of Development and since 1999 EU-Commissioner of Social Affairs

1985-88 Civil Governor Irene do Carmo Aleixo Rosa, Setúbal (Portugal)
Irene Alexia was former President of the Regional Center of Social Security and Commissioner of the Fight Against Poverty. She lived (1921-2009).

1985-85 Government Delegate Alicia Izaguirre Albiztur, Basque Country (Spain)
1994-96 Government Delegate in Extremadura
1987-88 she was Governor of Álava (Basque Country), 1988-94 Governor of Cáceres (Extremadura) and 1994-96 Governor of Badajoz.

1985-90  Lord-Lieutenant Susan Williams, South Glamorgan (United Kingdom)
High Sheriff in South Glamorgan in 1968 and involved in community affairs in the county for many years. She lived (1915-2011)

1986-98 Governor Dr. Rosario P. Diaz, North Cotabato (Philippines)
Appointed to the position in 1986 and elected 1988, 1992 and 1995.

1986-1987 and 1991-92 Governor Josefina S. Sibala, Davao Oriental (Philippines)
Appointed as a result of the EDSA revolution. 1988 elected Vice-Governor and took over for the remainder of the period when the governor died.

1986-87 Acting Governor Iolanda Lima Fleming, Acre (Brazil)
1983-86 Vice-Governor. She was married to Geraldo Flemming, a federal deputy and later Governor of Acre. Later deputy herself and Vice-Mayor of Rio Bravo 2002. Mother of 4 sons. (b. 1932-).

1986 Governor Rosalia Artenga of ...... (Ecuador)
1992-94 Subsecretary of Culture 1994 Minister of Education and Culture, 1996-98 Vice-President, 1997 Acting President and Head of the Cabinet and 1998 Presidential Candidate. (b. 1956-).

1986-91 Government Delegate and Governor Ana Vicente-Tudor Guarnido, Madrid (Spain)

1986-87 Governor Maria Inés Castro de Ariza, Cesar (Colombia)

Later notary in Bogota.

1986-90 Governor Virginia Quirós de Andrés, Limón (Costa Rica)

1986-90 Governor of San José N.N. (Costa Rica)

1986-90 Governor N.N., Cartago (Costa Rica)

1986-90 Governor N.N., Puntarenas (Costa Rica)

1986-92 Landshövding Lilly Hansson, Darlarna (Sweden)
1982-ca.85 Group Leader of the Socialdemokraternar in the Riksdag.  (b. 1927-)

1987-91 Governor Kay Auonne Stark Orr, Nebraska (USA)

State Treasurer 1981-86 (b. 1939-)

1987-92 Governor of the State Prof. Beatriz Elena Paredes Rangel, Tlaxcla (Mexio)
President of the State Legislature 1977, 1982-85 Subsecretary of Agrarian Reform, 1992-1993 Secretary General of PRI, 1993-94 Ambassador to Cuba, 1994-97 Subsecretary of the Interior, 1998 President of the Senate (September), 2000 President of the Parlamento Latinamericano and 2000-01 President of the Junta Coordinacion Political and Coordinadora del Grupo Parliamentario del Partido Revolucionario Institutional. (b. 1953-)

1987-88 and 2013- Governor Ruth Raña Padilla, Nueva Vizcaya  (Philippines)
Ruth Cacpal Raña was Vice-Governor 1986-87 and through a number of years she has been Chief political affairs officer in the Office of husband, Representative Carlos M. Padilla

1987-88 Regional Commissioner Selina Taylor, Greater Accra (Tanzania)
Secretary of State for Women by the Prime Minister 1988-2001.

1987-? High Commissioner for Ougadougou (Burkina Faso)
Her name is not known.

1987-? High Commissioner for a province (Burkina Faso)
Neither her name, nor the name of the province is known.

1988-91 Governor Rose Perica Mofford, Arizona (USA)

Secretary of State 1977-88 and succeeded to the post when her predecessor had to resign. She lived (1922-2016).

1988-94  Lieutenant  Governor Dr. Sylvia Olga Fedoruk, Saskatchewan (Canada)

The daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who came to Canada near the turn of the 20th century, she distinguished herself as a physicist and educator. She is Fellow, Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine; former member, Atomic Energy Control Board, Canada; former Senior Physicist, Saskatoon Cancer Clinic; and a former consultant, Nuclear Medicine, International Atomic Energy Agency. She lived (1927-2012)

1988-90 Governor Ram Dulari Sinha, Kerala (India)

Ramdulari was formerly Minister in Bihar, 1980-82 Union Minister of State of Commerce, 1982-85 Minister of State of Industry, Steel and Mines, 1985-86 Minister of State of Home Affairs and 1986-88 Minister of State of Mines. She lived (1922-94).

1988-89 Governor Victoria Eugenia Osorio de Mejia, Caldas (Colombia)
Mayor of Manizales 1990-92 and later Delegate of the Governorship of Calas in Bogotá - around 2006.

1988 Intendent Alicia Ramírez de Traslaviña, Casanare (Colombia)

Later public procecuter.

1988 Governor Juana Vallejo de Navarro, Guajas Province (Ecuador)
Minister of Tourism 1998.

1988-91 Civil Governor Marília Dulce Coelho Pires Morgado Raimundo, Guarda Saber (Portugal)

Former Secretary of State of Education. (b. 1945-).

1988-1992 Lord-Lieutenant and Lord Provost The Rt. Hon. Susan Baird, Glasgow (United Kingdom)
In Scotland the Lord Mayor is named Lord Provost and in a number of cities also acts as the Queen's Represenative. Susan Baird was a Labour member of the City Council and lived (1940-2009).

1988-92 Lord-Lieutenant and Lord Provost Eleanor T. McLaughlin, Edinburgh (United Kingdom)
Third Labour Lord Provost, first woman and first Catholic to hold the office since the reformation. (b. 1938-).

1989-90 Governor Serla Grewal, Madhyra Pradesh (India)
A former Minister in Punjab, she lived (1928-2002).

1989-90 Governor Paulina Mejía de Castro, Cesar (Colombia)

Her husband, Pedro Castro Monsavo, was senator and minister. She lived (1910-2009)

1989-90 Governor Helena Herrán de Montoya, Antioqia  (Colombia)

Former Administrative Secretary of the Presidency and Member of the Constituent Assembly 1991. (b. 1939-)

1989-2010  Fylkesman Mona Røkke, Vestfolk Fylke (Norway)
1981-85 Minister of Justice and Police. She lived (1940-2013).

1989-90 Prefect Asimina Xirotiri-Aikaterinari, Thessaloniki (Greece 
Later MP

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