Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
(Female suffrage 1964
) A
British Crown Colony

Also see Gibraltar Parties

1964-68 Minister for Education E.W.A Chiappe

1968-70 Minister for Public Works and Housing C. Anes
1970-ca.74 Minister for Medical and Health Service

1988-96 Minister of Health and Sports Margaret I. Montegriffo

1996-2000 Attorney General K. Dawson

2000-07 Minister for Social Affairs Yvette Del Agua
2003-07 Minister for Civic Affairs (The Prison, Consumer Affairs and Civic Rights)
2007-11 Minister of Health and Civil Protection 
(b. 1957-)

2007-10 Assistant Deputy Governor Alison MacMillan
2013- Deputy Governor
2013 Acting Governor (13 November-6 December)
2015-16 Acting Governor (28. September-19. januar)
Deputy Director of Protocol and Assistant Marshall of the Diplomatic Corps in London 2010-13.

2008-13 Deputy Governor Lesley Pallett
2009 Acting Governor  (21-26. October)
Head of Drugs and International Crime Department, and has been Director of European Policy, Immigration and Nationality in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Acted from the former governor departed until his successor was sworn in.

2011- Minister of Equality, Social Services, Family Affairs, Minority Issues and Civic Rights Samantha Sacramento


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