French Polynesia

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Polynésie Française (Thaiti, Bora Bora and the Marquesa Islands)
(Female suffrage 1957) Is a French External Territory


Circa 1982-91 Minister of Social Affairs, Housing and Unity Huguette Hong-Kiou
From circa 1996 Parliamentary Leader of the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party and Vice-President of the Permanent Commission of the Assembly 1999-2002.

1990-94 Minister of Family and Relations with the Assamblée Territoriale and with the Council for Economic and Social Development, Minister of Archipelago Development and Property Ioanne Temasuri

1994-97 Minister of Agriculture and Womens Affairs with Responsibility for the Relations with the Assamblée Territoriale and the Economic and Social Assemblies

2008-09 Minister of Agriculture, Breeding and Forests Haamoetini Lagarde
Vice-President of the Permanent Commission of the Assembly 1999-2002.
1997-2001 Minister of Social Affairs and the Family Béatrice Coppenrath Vernaudon
Sister of Armelle Merceron

1997-99 Minister of Transport and responsible for relations with the Assamblée Territoriale and with the Economic, Social and Cultural Council Jacquie Graffe

1997-2001 Minister for Employment, Professional Training, Social Dialogue and Women’s Affairs 
2004-05 Minister of Housing and Housing Welfare Lucette Taero
President of the Assembly 2001-04 and it's 2. Secretary from 2005.

199?-2004 Minister of Culture, Higher Education and Research Louise Peltzer
1999-2004 Minister in charge of Promotion of Polynesian Languages  
2002-04 Minister in charge of Promotion of Women

1999-2001 Minister of Environment Lucie Lucas

2001 Minister of Tourism, Environment and Women’s Affairs Nicole Bouteau
From 2001 Leader of the No Oe E Te Nunaa party

2001-04 Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources, Industry and Small and Medium-sized Businesses Nina Vernaudon

2001-04 Minister of Family and Solidarity Pia Faatomo
2005-08 Minister of Health, Prevention, Food Security and Traditional Medicin

2001-04 Minister of Public Works and Administrative Decentralization Armelle Merceron
2001 Minister of Labour, Social Dialouge
2001-04 Minister of Health
2004-05 Minister of Education, Higher Education and Research
2006-07 Minister of Finance and Public Works
2008-09 Minister of Solidarity, Housing, charged with the Reform of the Social Protection, Family and Women's Affairs
Professor in Economics. Member of the Assembly since 2001. Sister of Béatrice Vernaudon  (b. 1950-)

2002-04 Minister of Tourism and Environment Brigitte Vanizette

2002-04 and 2004-05 Minister of Artisans and Handicrafts Pascale Haiti

2004 Minister of the Quality of Life, Health, Solidarity, charged with Family, Women's Promotion, Associations and Leasure Marie-Laure Vanizette
Secretary of the Assembly 2002-04.

2004-05 Minister of Solidarity, Family and Childhood and charged with the promotin of Women Emma Algan

2005-08 High Commissioner Anne Boquet
Secretary General of the High Commissioner and Deputy to the High Commissioner 1993-96, former Sous-Prefect and prefect of Indre in 2000-02 and Prefect of the Region of Yvelines near Paris from 2008.

2005-06 and 2007-08 Minister of Solidarity and Seniors Patricia Jennings
2007-08 Minister of Family Affairs and the Battle Against Social Exclusion

2005-06 Minister of Family and Women's Affairs Valentina Cross
2007-08 Minister of Women's Affairs and Traditional Artisanship
2008 Minister of Solidarity and Family Affairs
Mayor of Teva i Uta and Mataiea from 2008. She is daughter of Tinomana Ebb (1934-2009), a former Minister, Assembly President and Mayor of Teva i Uta and Mataiea 1977-2001.

2005-06 Minister of Traditional Art, Artisanship and Handicrafts Natacha Taurua
(b. 1979-).

2006-07 Minister of Social Dialouge, Housing and the Family Madeleine Brémond

2006-07 Minister of Tourism and Environment Maina Sage

2008 Minister of Development of the Archipelagos Lana Tetuanui
2009-11 Minister of Labour and Employment charged with Professional Training, the Social Dialogue and the Fight Against the High Cost of Living
Vice-President of the Assembly 2005-07. Convicted of corruption, but has appealed.

2008 Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development Minister Teua Temaru
Daughter of pro-independence-leader, Oscar Temaru, who was President of the Government until 2008, when he lost the elections and joined in a coalition with the longtime pro-french leader Gaston Flosse as Speaker of the Assembly. (b. 1982-).

2008-09 Minister for the Development of the Archipelagos Otime Teura

2009 Minister for the Development of the Archipelagos and Outer Islands Sylviane Terooatea
2009-11 Minister of Solidarity and Family charged with the reform of the General Social-Welfare Reform and Physically Disabled and Elderly People Teua Iriti
Second and First Vice-President of the Assembly 2008-09.


2011-13 Minister of Culture, Handicrafts and the Family Chantal Tahiata

2013-14 Minister of Health and Labour in charge of Promotion of Generalised Socialisation, Professional Training, Social Dialouge, Women's Rights and the Fight Against Drug Addiction Béatrice Chansin

2014- Minister of Empoyment and the Social Dialogue, Labour and Professional Training, Research and Women's Affairs
Priscille Tea Frogier 

2014- Minister of Education and Higher Education Nicole Fareata Sanquer

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