Finland Parliament

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Parliament of Finland
 (Rural women got communal suffrage 1863, townswomen got the same right 1873 and universal female suffrage was introduced 1906). Formerly a part of Sweden was a Russian Grand Duchy under the Russian Crown until it became independent 1917

See also Finland Heads, Finland Ministers and Sametinget

Eskukunta or Riksdag - National Assembly

1924 Members of the Speaker’s Conference Hedvig Gebhard
As Chairperson of the Social Affairs Committee, 1937 Economic Councillor of Helsingki. She lived (1867-1961)

1925-26 Member of the Speaker’s Conference Amanda (Mandi) Hannula
As Chairperson of the Expert Committee. She lived (1880-1952)

1936-47 President-by-age Miina Sillanpää
Between 1927-28
she was the Scond Minister of Health

1945-46 Member of the Speaker’s Conference Hertta Elina Kuusinen
As Chairperson the Culture Committee.

1947 Member of the Speaker’s Conference Sylvi-Kyllikki Kilpi
As Chairperson the Culture Committee. She lived (1899-1987)

1948-49 Member of the Speaker’s Conference Anna Elvira Nevalainen
As Chairperson of the Culture Committee

1975-78 2. Deputy Speaker Anna-Liisa Linkola

1983-85 I. Deputy Speaker  Pirkko A. Työläjärvi
Member of the Speaker´s Conference in 1982 as First as Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs' Committee.

1987-91 I. Deputy Speaker Elsi Hetemäki-Olander
Former President of the Nordic Council.

1991 II. Deputy Speaker Ritva Laurila

1991-94 I. Deputy Speaker Saara-Maria Paakkinen
1994-95 (or 1995-96) 1. Deputy Speaker Sirkka-Liisa Anttila
1999-2003 1. Deputy Speaker
2003-06 Member of the Speaker’s Conference
2006-07 1. Deputy Speaker
Between 1991-96 Vice-Group Leader of the Center Party, till 1995 vice-chairman of the European Council, 1996-99 Member of the European Parliament. After the formation of the new government in April 2003, she was defeated as her party's nominee for the post of deputy speaker, and when
he then became Defence Minister in June she again lost her party's nomination to a 52 years old unknown male backbencher who never previously held any office during his 10 years as an MP. 1991-94 and from 2003 she was Chairperson of the Committee of Agriculture and Forests until she again became Deputy Speaker. (b. 1943-).
1994 Speaker Riitta Uosukainen
1995 II. Deputy Speaker
1995-98 Speaker
1999 II. Deputy Speaker
1999-2003 Speaker
First as Chairperson of the Culture Committee, 1991-94 Minister of Education. It was part of the coalition-agreement between the Social Democrats, Conservative, Liberal Swedish People’s Party and the Leftwing Alliance, that the Conservative’s were going to have the post of parliamentary speaker. But the post traditionally belongs to the largest Faction in the Party. Therefore she was deputy speaker for a couple of weeks in 1995 and 1999 until the coalition deals were finalized for the second time. This took place after the new parliament had met for the first time.

1996-99 II. Deputy Speaker Kerttu Annikki Törnquist
In 1996 all three Deputy Speakers were women (from 2003 there were no women at all)

1999-2003 Member of the Speaker’s Conference Liisa Jaakonsaari
I. Deputy Speaker
2003 Acting Speaker (15.04-22.04)
Member of the Speaker’s Conference
In 1987-93 Deputy Parliamentary Leader and since 1992 Second Deputy Chairperson of The Social Democrats, 1995-99 Minister of Labour, 1999-2003 and again from 2003 Chairperson of the External Affairs Committee

2003 Speaker Anneli Jäätteenmäki (25.03-15.04)
In 1991-94 and 1999-2000 Deputy Parliamentary Leader and since 2000 leader of Suomen Keskusta/Centern i Finland, 1994-95 Minister of Justice and from 2003 Premier Minister.

2011 1. Deputy Speaker Jutta Urpilainen
Chairperson of the Social Democrats 2008 and Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance from 2011.

2015- Speaker Maria Lohela
MP from 2011 for the extreme rightwing True Finns. (b. 1979-)

2015-16 Deputy Speaker Paula Risikko
Minister in different portfolios 2007-15 and from 2016
. (b. 1960-).

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