El Salvador Ministers

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La República de El Salvador
(Female suffrage 1939/46)Conquerd by Spain 1526 and part of the Spanish Vice-Royalty of Guatemala till 1821 when it became independent 

See also El Salvador Parliament

1974-81 Subsecretary of Health Maria Julia Castillo Rodas
Vice-President 1981 and Leader of Partido Autentico Institucional Salvadorano from 1987, President of the Asembleia Legislativa 1982-89. (b. 1940- )

1979-80 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Victoria Marin Velásquez de Avilés
She was candidate for the presidency in the FMLN-primary elections in 1998. High Court Judge since 2000.

1981-82 Subsecretary of Culture, Youth and Sport Ruth de Sanoval

1983-87 Subsecretary of Justice Dina Castro de Calé

1984-85 Vice-Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Public Works Rosa Emilia Posada Sánchez
1999 Vice-Minister of Housing and Urban Development

1983-86 Subsecretary of Culture, Youth and Sport Diora Arias de Michel

1989-92 Minister of Planning and Coordination of Economic and Social Development Lic. Mirna Liévano de Márques Márquez
Formerly director in the same Ministry.

1991-92 and 1994-98 Minister of Education Lic. Maria Cecilia Gallando de Cano

1994-98 Subsecretary of Planning Maria Theresa Orellana de Penon

Circa 1995-99 Subsecretary of Health and Social Assistance Dr. Ana María de Gamero

Circa 1995-99 Subsecretary of Agriculture and Cattle Lic. Vilma Isabel Hernándes de Calderón

1997-99 Commissioner for State Modernization Ana Cristina Sol Midence
Ambassador France, Belgium, Portugal, EU and UNESCO 1989-93, to USA 1993-97 and
Vice-Presidential Candidate in 2004. (b. 1945-).

Circa 1997-99 Cabinet Member and President of the Administration Council of Social Investments and Local Affairs Lic. María Teresa de Rendón

Until 1998 Vice-Minister of Education Lic. Abigail Castro de Peréz
1998-99 Minister of Education

1998-99 Secretary of the Family Elizabeth Aguirre de Calderón Sol
First Lady of the Country as spouse of President
Armando Caldrón Sol 1995-99.

1998-2004 Vice-Minister of Economy Blanca Imelda Jaco de Magaña
2004-09 Vice-Minister of Commerce and Industry

1998-99 Vice-Minister of Education Lic. Darlyn Meza
2004-09 Minister of Education

Circa 1998-2004 Vice-Minister of Health Ana María de Gamero

1999-2004 Chancellor, Minister of External Affairs Maria Eugenia Brizuela de Avila
(b. 1956-)

1999-2003 Minister of Education Ana Evelyn Jacir de Lovo
2004-07 Presidential Commissioner of Consumer's Protection
Candidate of ARENA for the post of mayor of San Salvador in 2003. (b. 1956-)

1999-2000 Minister of Environment Ana María Maranjo Guerrero
(b. 1963-)

1999-2003 Member of the Cabinet and President of the Salvadoran Institute of Social Security
2004-09 Vice-President Ana Vilma Alvanez de Escobar

1999-2004 Secretary of the Family Lourdes María Rodríguez Rivas de Flores
First Lady of the country as the wife of President
Francisco Flores. (b. 1958-)

1999-2004 Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Cattle Lic. Vilma Hernándes de Calderón

1999-2004 Vice-Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Rosa Emilia Pasada Sánchez

2003-04 Vice-Minister of Eduation Mathilde Guerra de Quintana

2004-09 Minister of Economy and Industry Yolanda Mayora de Gavidia

2004-09 Presidental Commissioner for Governability Gloria Salguero Gross
Second Secretary of the Constituent Assembly 1982, Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly 1991-94 and its President 1994-97.

2004-09 Cabinet Member and President of the Central Bank
Luz M. De Portillo
The Vice-President of the bank is Marta Evelyn de Rivera

2004-09 Cabinet Member and Presidental Commissioner of Agriculture Carmen Díaz Bazán de Sol

2004-07 Presidental Commissioner of Salvadorians Abroad Margarita Escobar
2007-09 Vice-Minster of External Relations, charged with Salvadorians Abroad
Ambassador, former Permament Representative to United Nations in Geneve, Ambassador to Venezuela, Trinaidad and Tobago and Guyana and Alternate Permanent Representative to the Organisation of American States.

2004-07 Cabinet Member and President of the National Registry of Citizens Miriam Mixco

2004-09 National Secretary of the Family Ana Ligia de Saca
Married to President Tony Saca.

2004-07 Vice-Minister of Interior, Security and Justice Silva Aguilar
2007 Minister of Interior

2004-07 Vice-Minister of Finance Carmen Flores de Arévalo

2004-07 Vice-Minister of Environment Michelle Gallardo de Gutierrez
2007-09 Vice-Minister of Tourism

2007-09 Vice-Minister of Economy Johanna Hill Dutriz

2007-09 Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Security Carmen Elisa Sosa de Callejas

2007-09 Vice-Minister of Housing and Urban Development Etna Artiga de Soundy

2007-09 Subsecretary of the Presidency Anabella Lardé de de Palomo

2007-09 Cabinet Member and Superintendent of Competencies Celina Escolán Suay

2007-09 Cabinet Member and President of the Supreme Council of Public Health Lilia del Milagro Avendaños de Guerrero

2008-09 Chancellor and Minister of External Relations Marisol Argueta de Barillas
Former Director General for Foreign Policy, Minister-Councillor in USA and
Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations. (b. 1968-).

2008-09 Presidential Secretary for Legislative Affairs María Eugenia Chacón de Peñate

2008-09 Vice-Minister of Finance Carmen Regina de Arevalo

2009-14 Minister of Public Health and Social Assistance María Isabel Rodríguez Vda. De Sutter

2009-14 Minister of Labour and Social Provision Victoria Marina Velásquez de Avilés

2009- Secretary of Social Inclusion and Civil Society Vanda Guiomar Pignato

2009-11 President of the National Council of the Public Security Aida Luz Santos de Escobar
Ambassador to Italy, San Marino and Malta

2009- Vice-Minister of Technological Education Erlinda Hándal Vega

2009-14 Vice-Minister of Environment Lina Dolores Pohl Alfaro
2014- Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

2009-14 Vice-Minister of Health Elvia Violeta Menjívar Escalante

2013- Minister of Health  Elvia Violeta Menjívar Escalante

2014- Minister of Labour and Social Provision Sandra Edibel Guevara Pérez

2014- Vice-Minister of Interior Daysi Villalobos Membreño

2014- Vice-Minister of External Relations for the Salvarorians Abroar dLiduvina del Carmen Magarín de Esperanza

2014- Vice-Minister of  Commerce and Industry Merlín Alejandra Barrera López

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