Dominica Ministers

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Female Ministers of The Commonwealth of Dominica (Female suffrage 1951) The Island passed back and forth between France and Britain until 1805 when it became a British Colony, 1871-1939 part of The Leewards Island Colony, 1967 Internal Self-government, an independent Republic in 1978 and since 1990 part of The Windward Islands Groupa

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1958-61 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Phyllis Shand Allfrey
She was the only female and only white minister in the government of The West Indies Federation a co-operation between a number of Caribbean countries which lasted 1958-62
. Leader Dominican Labour Party 1961-64, she lived (1908-86)

1966-70 Minister of Home Affairs Mable Moir James
MP for Labour Party of Phylis Shand Alfrey. At some point she acted as acted as Chief Minister. (b. 1917-)

1979-80 Minister of State for Health, Industrial Relations and Women's Affairs Sylvia Burton

1980-95 Prime Minister (Dame) M. Eugenia Charles (21.7-14.7)
1980-90 Minister of External Affairs
1980-95 Minister of Finance and Economy
1980-85 Minister of Trade and Industry
1985-95 Minister of Defence
1990-95 Minister of Information and Public Relations
From 1964-94 Leader of Dominican Liberty Party, 1974-80 Leader of the Opposition, 1992 Knighted Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, the former Head of State of Dominica.
She lived (1916-2005).

1980-84 Parliamentary Secretary of Home Affairs and Housing Juliana Henderson

1982-90 Permanent Secretary of External Affairs Judith E. Garraway-Pestina
1990-91 Permanent Secretary of Health
1991-94 Permanent Secretary of Education, Youth, Health and Sport
1994-2000 Permanent Secretary of External Affairs and OECS-unity
Assistant Secretary of External Affairs 1979-82.

1995-2000 Minister of Health and Social Security Doreen Paul
Candidate for the post of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2000.

1995-2000 Minister of Community Development and Women's Affairs Gertrude Jno Babtiste Roberts

1995-2000 Parliamentary Secretary to the minister of Tourism, Ports and Employment Vernice Bellony

2000-01 Assistant Minister of Community Development and Gender Affairs Eugenia Maffei

2000-01 Parliamentary Secretary of Health and Social Security Dr. Clarissa Eltiene

2000-05 Parliamentary Secretary of Health and Social Security Senator Jacqueline Theodore
Unsuccessful Parliamentary Candidate in 2000 and afterwards appointed a senator.

2000-01 Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Ministerís Office Loreen Bannis-Roberts
Parliamentary Secretary of Education, Youth and Sports
2005-07 Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Industry, Private Sector Relations
2005 Acting
Minister of Tourism, Industry, Private Sector Relations (May-September)
Minister for Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs and Information
Elected an MP for
 The United Workers Party (UWP) in 2000 but joined the Dominican Labour Party and eventually the administration in 2001. She became Acting Minister in May 2005 as the newly appointed Minister in the portfolio would not take up his post until September. Did not run for re-election in 2009. Appointed UN Ambassador in 2016. (b. 1966-).

2007-12 Attorney General Francine Baron-Royer
2014- Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs
Ambassador to United Kingdom 2012-14.

2008-10 Minister of Education, Sports, Human Resource and Youth Affairs Sonia Williams
Retired School Principal and Senator

2010-14 Minister of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs Gloria St Jean Shillingford

2010- Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Justina Charles
2014- Minister of Constituency Empowerment
Widow of late Prime Minister Pierre Charles.

2014- Minister for Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs Justina Charles

2014- Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Buisness Development Roselyn Paul

2014- Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister for Project Planning and Implementation Mirium Blanchard

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