Danish Heads of Regions and Counties

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Danish Female Leaders of Counties and Regions
Until 2007 the country was devided into 15 Counties (Amter) headed by a County Mayor (amtsborgmester), from 2007 there are 5 regions headed by a Chairperson

County Mayor's -Amtsborgmester - until 2006

1970-78 County Mayor Grete Kirketerp Nielsen, Nordjyllands Amt (County of Northern Jutland)
She was Liberal Party member of Hobro City Council 1950-54, member of the County Council of Ålborg 1954-70 as one of the 54 first female County Councillors in the country. As the first County Mayor of the new County of Nothern Jutland she lead the merger of the former Counties of Ålborg and Hjørring, member of the Executive Commitee of Venstre. Née Margrethe Bælum, and lived (1910-98).

1989-98 County Kirsten Ebbensgaard, Frederiksborg Amt (County of Frederiksborg)
Conservative Mayor of
Frederiksværk 1982-86. (b. 1939-)

1994-2007 County Mayor Vibeke Storm Rasmussen, Københavns Amt (County of Copenhagen)
2006-07 Chairperson of the Implementation Committee for the Region of the Capital (Region Hovedstaden)
2007-14 Chairperson of the Region of the Capital (Region Hovedstaden)
The County of Greater Copenhagen, did not include the Municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, but they will be included in the new Region that comes into existence in 2007, until then Vibeke Storm chairs the Implementation Council. She was elected with the votes of the leftwing Unity List because she is a Social Democrat, but they did not want to support her cooperation with the extreme rightwing and xenophobe Danish People's Party and together with the opposition they chair the 4 most important Committees.

1999-2002 Karen Nøhr, Fyns Amt (County of Funen)
Vice-Chairperson of the Social Liberals 1983-90, Member of the County Council 1990-2001. (b. 1933-)


Chairpersons of Regional Councils (Regionsformand) from 2007

2007-14 Chairperson of the Region of the Capital (Region Hovedstaden) Vibeke Storm Rasmussen
Social Democrat County Mayor of the County of Copenhagen 1994-2007.
(b. 1945-)

2007- Chairperson of the Region of Northern Jutland (Region Nordjylland) Ulla Astman
Social Democrat (b. 1970-)

2012 Acting Chairperson Bente Nielsen, Region of Mid Jutland (Region Midtjylland)
As 1. Vice-Chair she acted for a number of months during the sickleave of the Chairperson.

2014- Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, The Capital Region (Region Hovedstaden)
Former Social Democrat MP and Member of the Regional Council from 2014. (b. 1974-)

2015- Stephanie Lose, The Region of South Denmark (Region Syddanmark)
Member of the Regional Council for Venstre since 2004. (b. 1983-)


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