Czechoslovakia Ministers

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Female Ministers of the Republic of Czechoslovakia/Csekslovenská Socialistická Republika/Československo 1918-92

(Female Suffrage 1918) Formerly part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and in 1993 divided into the two states The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

See also Czechoslovakia Parliament

1938/40-45 Member of Council of State of Government-in-Exile Anezka Hodinová-Spurná
In 1945-46 she was Deputy Speaker of the Provisorial National Assembly, 1946-48 Depity Speaker of the Constituent National Assembly, 1948-60 Vice-President of Federálni Shromázdení  and1960-64 Member of the Presidium. She lived (1895-1963)

1947-48 Minister of Light Industry Ludmilla Jankovcová
1948-50 Minister of Food (Nutritions)
1950-54 Minister of Food Industry
1954-63 Deputy Premier Minister
Member of the resistance-movements 1939-45, her husband, Volfgang Jankovec was executed by the Germans during WW2. Signed Carta 77. She lived (1897-1990).

1950 Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Culture Anna Karlovská

1951 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gertruda Sekainová-Carkrtová

1954 Minister of Agricultural Production Bozena Machácová-Dastálová
1954-68 Minister of Industrial Supply/Consumer Industry
1968 De-facto Acting Premier Minister (August)
In 1954 Member of the Presidium of the National Assembly. After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 the Premier Minister was kidnapped and the Deputy Premiers went into hiding. Therefore Machácová presided over the Cabinet meetings. She lived (1903-73)

1958 Minister of Chemical Industry Maria Paulíková

1969-78? Secretary of State of Labour and Social Affairs Dr. Vlasta Brablcová

1984-85 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Nasta Baumruková
1986-88 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs                                     

1988-89 Deputy Minister of Economic and Technological Development Kvetoslawa Korinková
1989-91 Minister of Economic Control (State Audtitor)
In 1992 Minister of Transport in the Czech Republic. 1995-97 Vice-Chairperson of Czech Social Democratic party. (b. 1930-)

1990 Minister of State Control Jitka Zetková

1990-92 Commissioner for Refugees Michaela Freiová

1990-01 Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Helena Wolenková
Vice-Chairperson of Civil Democratic Union 1990-91.
(b. 1946-)

1991-92 Deputy Minister of the Interior Petruska Sustrová



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