Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus/ Kibris Türk Cumhyrietyeti (Female Suffrage 1959 as part of Cyprus) Turkish Invasion in northern Cyprus in 1974, independence declared 1983

Also see Cyprus Tyrkish Republic Parliament

1993-95 Minister of Economy and Finance Onur Boman
1998-99 Minister of Labour and Rehabilitation
From 1978-93 Under-Secretary in the Ministries of Economy and Finance and of the Prime Minister, Advisor and Under-Secretary of the Presidency, MP since 1993. (1941- )

1999-2001 Minister of Health and Environment Dr. Gülsen Bozkurt

Minister of Economy and Tourism Ayşe Dönmezer
Former Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

2005-09 Minister of National Education and Culture Canan Öztoprak

2013 Prime Minister Sibel Siber
MP from 2009. She received the hightest number of votes in 2013 General Election and became Speaker of the Assembly, the Cumhuriyet Meclisi. Presidential Candidate in 2015.

2013 Minister of Interior and Local Administrations Gülsün Yücel

2015-16 Minister of Foreign Affairs Emine Çolak (Second in Cabinet)
Lawyer, Member of Lefkoşa Turkish Municipal Council 1994-2002. (b. 1958-).


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