Cuba Ministers

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Republic of Cuba/ República de Cuba (Female Suffrage 1934) Spanish Colony till 1898, American occupation 1899-1902, Independent 1902

Also see Cuba Parliament and Cuba Heads of State

1942, 1952 and 1958 Minister without Portfolio María Gómez Carbonell
One of the first female members of the House of  Representatives in 1936-40 and Senator 1940-44, went into exile in the USA after the revolution in 1959, where she remained politically active. She lived (1903-88).

1952/53 Minister without Portfolio Julia Eugenia Consuegra Rodriguez

1954-58 Minister of Education Zolia Mulet y Proenza
Married to the Politician and diplomat
Aurelio Fernández Concheso.

1954-(55) Minister without Portfolio Evangelina de la Llera Hernandez

1959-60 Minister of Social Affairs Elena Medoza de Gonzáles
She went in exile in 1960 and died in the USA. She lived (1900-81)

1960-67 Minister of Social Affairs Dra. Raquel Peréz Gonzáles de Miret

1962-74 Minister in the Presidency and Council of Minister
1976-80(†) Secretary of the Council of State Celia Sánchez Monduley
She lived together with Head of State Fidel Castro until her death.

1972-80 Minister of Light Industry Nora Frómeta Silva

1976-84 Minister of Education Asela de Los Santos Tamayo

1976-84 Minister and Chairperson of the State-Committee for Technical and Material Supply Irma Sánchez Valdéz

1984-94 and 1999 Minister and Chairperson of the State-Committee for Technical and Material Supply Sonia Rodrígues Cardona

1984-94 Minister, President of the Academy of Science
2005 Minister of Science, Technology and Environment
1998- Member of the Council of State Dra. Rosa Elena Simón Negrín
From 1981 Member of the Politburo of the Communist Party.

1984-91 Member of the Politburo Vilma Espín Cullois de Castro
Member of the Council of State 1994-2007, Married to First Vice-President Raúl Catro Ruz, the brother of President Fidel Castro, who became president the year after her death. Shel lived (1930-2007)

1991-97 Member of the Politburo Maria de los Ángeles García

1993-ca.97 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Isabel Allende Karon
From 1989-93 Ambassador to Portugal.

1993- 1. Vice-Minister of Justice Zenadia Osorio

1993- Vice-Minister of Communication Mercedes Caracedo

1993-94 Vice-President of the Committee for Labour and Social Security of The Council of Minister Marya Lavigne

1995-99 Minister of Domestic Trade Barbara Castillo Cuesta

1997- Member of the Politburo, Director General of the Finlay Insititute Concepción Campa Huergo

1997- Member of the Politburo Yadira García Vera
2004-05 Minister of Energy
2005- Minister of Basic Industry

First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Provincial Committee of Matanzas since 1993.

1997- Vice-Minister of Education Lesbia Canova Fabelo

Around 1998 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs María de los Angeles Florez Prida

Around 1998 Vice-Minister of Education and Science Soledad Díaz

Around 1998 Vice-Minister of Tourism Marta Loma Maiz

Around 1998 Vice-Minister María da Luz

1999- Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Martha Lomas Morales

Circa 1999-  1. Vice-Minister of Finance and Prices Raquel Hernandéz Herrara

Circa 1999- Vice-Minister of Economy and Planning Yliana Rey Vichot

2000- Vice-Minister of Public Health Dr. Yamla de Armas
(b. 1965-)

2001-06 Minister of Auditing and Control Lina Pedraza Rodriguez
2006-09 Member of the Secretariat and Head of the Economics Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba
2009- Minister of Finance

2002- Vice-Minister of Technology and Science América Santos Rivera

2003-09 Minister of Finance and Prices Georgina Barreiro Fajardoz
Until her appointment she was Director in the National Bank of Cuba.

2003- Vice-Minister of Sideralmechanical and Electronic Industry Estela Dominguez

2004- Minister of Textile Industry Estela Martha Domínguez Ariosa

2006- Vice-Minister of Health Marcia Cobas,

2006- Vice-Minister of Justice
Ester Recio

2006-07 Vice-Minister of Agriculture María del Carmen Pérez Hernández
2007-08 Acting Minister of Agriculture

2006-07 1. Vice-Minister of Audit and Control Gladys María Bejerano Portela
2007- Minister of Audit and Control (Comptroller General)
2013- Vice-President of the State council
Worked for 30 with the party and council of ministers. Former MP. (b. 1947-).

2007- Minister of Justice Maria Esther Reus González
As President of the National Electoral Commission she
presided over the inagural session of the Popular National Assembly in February 2008.

2008- Minister of Education Ana Velázquez Cobiella

2009- Minister of Labour and Social Secority Margarita Marlene Gonzalez Fernández

2009- Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Maria del Carmen Concepcion González

Around 2010- Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Teresa Gonzalez Fraga

2011- Minister of Internal Commerce Mary Blanca Ortega Barredo

2011- Cabinet Member and President of the National Institute of Water Resources Inés María Chapman Vaught