Croatia Parliament Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of Croatia
(female suffrage 1946)

The Assembly of Croatia is known as Sabor. From 1990 the Sabor consists of House of Districts (Zupanije Dom) and House of Representatives, (Predstavicke Dom). In 2001 the House of Districts was abolished

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1967-71 President of the Sabor Milka Planning
Between 1963-67 Minister of Education, 1971-82 Leader of the Communist Party in Croatia, 1982-86 Premier of Yugoslavia. (b. 1924-)

Circa 1970 Vice-President of the Chamber for Social Care and Health of the Sabor Marija Prizmic

1992-94 Vice-President of the Sabor Katarina Fucek

1993-2001 President of Zupanije Dom Katica Ivanevic

1995-2000 Vice-President of the Sabor Jadranka Kosor
2011-12 Vice-President
Deputy Chairperson of HDZ 1995-1997 and 2003-09 and Party Chairperson from 2009, Deputy Prime Minister 2003-09 and Prime Minister 2009-11. (b. 1953-)

1995- Secretary of the Sabor Zdravka Cufar-Saric (Zamijenira tajnika)

2003-04 and 2016 Vice-President of the Sabor Vesna Pusić
Chairperson of the Croatian Peoples Party 2000-08, Presidential Candidate in 2010 and Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister 2011-16.

2004-08 Vice-President of the Sabor Đurda Adlešić
Around 2000 and again from 2001 President of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Vice-President of the Social Liberal Party, HSLS since 2000 Deputy Foreign Minister in 2001 and also former mayor of Bjelovar, Deputy Premier from 2008. (b. 1960-).

2008-11 Vice-President of the Sabor Željka Antunović
Deputy President of Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) since 2000, Acting Leader April-June 2007 and candidate for the leadership, Deputy Premier 2000-03 and Minister of Defence 2002-03. (b. 1955-)

2012 Vice-President of the Sabor Dragice Zgrebec

2016- Vice-President of the Sabor Milanka Opačić


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