Cook Islands Ministers Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Ministers of the Cook Islands (Female Suffrage 1893)

The Cook Island's Federation was incorporated in New Zealand in 1901 as an External Territory, since 1965 with complete self-government in free association

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1868-1901 Makea Takau Ariki of Roatonga and Aurua
1874-1911 Supreme High Chiefess of Cook Islands
1888-1900 Leader of the Council of Chiefs
1891-1901 President of the Executive Council
In 1885 4 of the 5 high chiefs of Rorotonga were women. Queen Makea lived (circa 1845-1911)

1981- Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of New Zealand and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith (04.08-)
In 1965 she became Queen of Cook Islands when the country obtained position of free-association with New Zealand. In 1981 the Cook Island constitution was amended so that the Queen's representative was appointed directly by the Queen herself and the Cook Islands parliament was granted complete legislative independence of New Zealand in both internal and external affairs. As a result, the current relationship of the monarchy to the Cook Islands is effectively identical to that of any independent Commonwealth monarchy, even though the Queen is still nominally head of state "in right of New Zealand". Elizabeth has been Queen the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since 1952. (b. 1926-)

1983 Minister of Internal Affairs and Postmistress General Fanaura Kingstone
First female MP in 1983. (b. 1940-).

Circa 1995 Assistant Minister for Internal Affairs and Responsible for Women Tiramate Ngatokaorua

1998-2008 Solicitor-General Janet Grace Mahi

1999 Minister of Internal Affairs Angelina Tuara
Former Head of the Probation Unit in the Ministry of Justice

1999-2002 Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister responsible for Works, Energy and Physical Planning, Water Supply, Survey, Building Control, Civil Engineering, Punanga Nui (Local Markets), Religious Advisory Council, Women, Youth and Children
2003-04 Deputy Prime Minister,
Attorney-General and Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and Shipping, Parliamentary Services, Natural Heritage and Environment
Minister of Agriculture, Internal Affairs, Youth and Sports, Non Governmental Organisations and Works Ngamau Munokoa
2005-07 Minister of
Punanganui Market, House of Ariki and Koutu Nui
From 2003 also Deputy Leader of the Democratic Party. In 2004 she left the government in protest with the formation of a new "Government of National Unity" as a result of bitter infighting within the party. She is also known as Aunty Mau

1999-2003 () Leader of the House and Under Secretary for Internal Affairs, Works and Physical Planning Maria Tapuanoa Heather
She was a MP for the Democratic Alliance and died after a short ilness.

2008-09 Acting High Commissioner of New Zealand Sophie Vickers
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from August until January the following year after the death of her predecessor.

2009-10 New Zealand Acting High Commissioner Nicola Ngawati
1. Secretary in the New Zealand Embassy when she became acting representative from November until November the following year after the death of her predecessor.

2010-11 New Zealand High Commissioner Linda Te Puni
A career diplomat she was acting representative from March until her permanent appointment in June. Consulate-General to New Caledonia from 2011 and High Commissioner of Tuvalu from 2015.

2010 Minister for Culture and the Environment Cassey Eggelton, Tara'are Mataiapo
MP for the Democratic Party 2006-2010 when she was expelled for joining the government. Deputy Speaker 2007-10. Inherited her chiefly title from her brother in 2004 and is also Honorary French Consul. (b. 1952-).

2010-13 Deputy High Commissioner of New Zealand Joanna Kemkers
2013-14 High Commissioner of New Zealand
Also Deputy Ambassador to Fiji and Ambassador from 2013.

2012- Solicitor General Kim Saunders

2013-16 Deputy High Commissioner Aimee Jephson
2014-15 Acting High Commissioner

2016 Prime Minister-elect Vainetutai Rose Toki-Brown
MP and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament from 2014, Rose Brown was elected Prime Minister by a majority in Parliament in June 2016, but the Queen's Representative ruled that the Parliament was not in session. Leader of the Opposition from 2016. (b. 1977-)


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