Congo-Brazzaville Parliament

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Female Heads of the Parliament of  The Republic of Congo
(Congo-Brazzaville) (Female Suffrage 1956) The former French Colony became an autonomous republic in the French community in 1958, independent 1960

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Around 2000-02 Second Secretary of the Conseil National de Transition Philomene Fouty-Soungou
2002-03 Second Secretary of the Senate
2003-04 First Secretary of the Senate

2002- Secretary General of the National Assembly Guillaumette Kiakouama

2007- 1. Questeur of the l'Assemblée Nationale Charlotte Opimbat

2007-09 2. Seceretary of the  l'Assemblée Nationale Claudiné Munari
Minister of Trade from 2009.



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