Congo-Brazzaville Ministers

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Female Ministers of the Republic of Congo/ La République du Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) (Female Suffrage 1956) The former French Colony became an autonomous republic in the French community in 1958, independent 1960

See also Congo Heads and Congo-Brazzaville Parliament

1970 Minister of Public Service Charlotte Kisimba

1975 Minister of Social Affairs Emilie Manima

1984-85 Minister of Primary Education Bernadette Bayone

1989-92 Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jeanne Demberzet
1999- Minister of Women’s Affairs 
1999-2002 Minister of Public Service, Administrative Reform 
2002-09 Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

(1991)-93 Minister of Industry, Trade, Small Business', Artisans and Energy Delphine Loembe

1992-95 Deputy Minister by the Premier Minister for the Quality of Life, National Solidarity and Integration of Women in the Economy
1995-97 Minister of Integration of Women into Development Marie-Thérèse Auéméke

1992-97 Minister and Director General of the President’s Office Claudine Munari
2009-15 Minister of Trade and Supplies
She fled the country when President Pascal Lissou was deposed by a Coup d’Etat in 1997. Elected Mayor of Mouyondzi with more than 72% of the votes in 2002, Second Secretary of the National Assembly 2007-2009 and Presidential Candidate in 2016. (b. 1955-)

1992-93 Secretary of State for Co-operation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1993-96 Minister of Communication and Post and Government Spokeswoman
1995-96 Minister of Democratic Culture Albertine Lipoy Massala

1992-95 Minister of National Education Noutete Nasore Tangui

1993-95 Minister of Scientific- and Technical Development and of Professional Training Domenique Edjaka

1996-97 Minister-Delegate of Health in charge of Social Reintegration of Disaster Victims and Handicapped Leonie Ebourisso

1997-99 Minister of Family Affairs in Charge or Integration of Women into Development Efforts Celine Martingou

2000-05 Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism Mambou Aimée Gnali (Elie Niamy)

2002-07 Minister of Commerce, Consumption and Supplies Adelaïde Moungany-Ngolo
2007- Minister of Small, Medium Sized Entreprises and Handicrafts

2002- Minister of Social Affairs Émilienne Raoul
2002-07 and 2009- Minister of Solidarity, Humanitarian Action, Victims of War and the Family
2007-09 Minister of Health and the Family

2002-16 Minister of Primary and Secondary Education in charge of Literacy Rosalie Kama

2002-05 Secretary of State in Charge of Women's Affairs and the Involvement of Women in Development
2005-12 Minister of Women's Affairs and the Integration of Women in Development Jeanne Françoise Leckomba Loumeto-Pombo

2012-16 Minister of Women's Affairs and the Integration of Women in Development Catherine Embondza née Lipiti

2016- Minister of Forestry Economy and Durable Development of the Environment Rosalie Matondo

2016- Minister of Health and Population Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo

2016- Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration Ingrid Olga Ebouka Babakas

2016- Minister of Tourism and Leisure Arlette Soudan Nonault

2016- Minister of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and Solidarity Antoinette Dinga Djondo

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